St. Patrick’s Day Luck Brings Lots O’ Green!

Even though Stanley Hartman was feeling too sick to get out of bed on St. Patrick’s Day, it was still a very lucky day for him!

That’s because the Prize Patrol paid him a personal visit to award Stanley with a $10,000.00 cash prize.

Prize Patrol members Danielle Lam and Laura Wolfe had no trouble finding Stanley’s neighborhood in Moriches, New York. They also had no trouble securing the roses, champagne and balloons after arriving at the eastern tip of Long Island.

But when Danielle and Laura knocked on Stanley’s door, no one answered. It was time for the Prize Patrol to go to Plan B. They started knocking on neighbors’ doors, but no one answered those doors, either. Time for Plan C. Prize Patrol members, Danielle and Laura, approached a handful of neighbors who were walking by. Unfortunately, they did not know Stanley.

It’s Real! It’s Real!

Laura, who was making her second trip as a Prize Patrol member, was happy to see the excited faces of the neighbors who would exclaim, “It’s real! It’s real!” One neighbor shouted, “If he’s not home, could I get the check instead?”

Who’s Having A Birthday?

As Danielle and Laura were talking to neighbors, Stanley saw the Prize Patrol balloons from his bedroom window. “What neighborhood child is having a birthday?” he wondered. Upon further investigation, he realized it was the famous Prize Patrol.

When Stanley opened the door, Danielle and Laura ran over just as he appeared in the doorway. Stanley was speechless as the Prize Patrol gave him the news that he was PCH‘s newest winner of $10,000.00!

Good Things Happen To Good People!

Stanley is retired now, but he is someone who made a real difference as a reading teacher. He still keeps busy as a coach at the local school and also is part of a gospel quartet that travels the world! And we know he’ll make good use of his $10,000.00 prize check. Stanley said he wants to help his son pay vet bills for his sick dog.

How Do You Get Luck Working For You?

While writing about this St. Patrick’s Day winning moment, I can’t help but think about the luck of the Irish and how I can get it working for me. My favorite symbol of luck is a dreamcatcher. I went to PCHSearch&Win to find out more about dreamcatchers and found a cool blog by Sandra Grauschopf that talks about  12 Lucky Symbols To Boost Your Chances Of Winning. I learned more about dreamcatchers, along with other lucky symbols.

So, what’s your favorite lucky symbol? Go to PCHSearch to find out ways to bring luck into your life. Also, comment below to share your favorite lucky symbol and how you bring luck into your life!

Best of luck,

Elliott M.

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