Former Prize Patrol Member Now A Winning Part Of PCHSearch!

Danielle Bertellotti may not be a part of the Prize Patrol winning moment anymore, but she is a winning part of PCHSearch!

What’s it like to be a member of the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol? Former Prize Patroller Danielle Bertellotti says it was one of the best parts of her life — ever!

“It was such a blessing to give away money, especially to someone in need,” Danielle said.

Danielle will soon celebrate her four-year anniversary at Publishers Clearing House. Except now, instead of giving away prizes, she’s a winning part of PCHSearch, where she helps folks like you find INSTANT information while going for exciting INSTANT prizes.

Looking back on Danielle’s time as a Prize Patrol member, she says it was full of life-changing moments … for her and the winners!

Danielle says she remembers her first winning moment perfectly. The winner lived outside of Washington DC. He was thrilled and wanted to surprise his wife at work where she was a nanny. His wife and the children in her care were so excited when the Prize Patrol showed up. “She loved the flowers and the children loved the balloons.”

As exciting as that first winning moment was, Danielle said one prize delivery was exceptionally touching.

We awarded $1,000.00 to a wonderful woman who told us her husband had passed away, but not before buying their dream home, a lovely motor home that she now shared with her pet cats,” Danielle said. The winner and her husband had dreamed about home ownership for years and were finally able to purchase it when they got older. The winner said she would use the money to fix up her home.

Now, as the Online Marketing Development Coordinator, Danielle is a winning part of the PCHSearch team! She spends her time helping to manage one of the most popular sites on the internet – a site that she thinks might be as popular as the Prize Patrol!

“People love PCHSearch&Win,” Danielle said.

In her role, she has helped create a diverse promotional plan, which she hopes will keep people coming back every day to enter to win prizes instantly, just for searching the web.

“One simple search is all it takes,” Danielle said. She added that daily prizes — sometimes valued up to $1,000.00 — are guaranteed!

While I had Danielle’s attention, I couldn’t help but ask her about Edwin, PCHSearch&Win’s mascot.

“He’s so wonderful and SO smart,” Danielle replied enthusiastically.

“Edwin is extremely knowledgeable and has lots of information to share.” She went on to invite fans to look for Edwin’s helpful hints and tips all over the PCHSearch site, social media outlets and PCHSearch&Win emails.

So, even though Danielle Bertellotti is not part of the winning moment with the Prize Patrol like she used to be, she is a winning part of PCHSearch and still helps make real people like you real winners — every day!

When asked if she had any “winning” advice for blog readers, she answered with a saying she often told folks while on the road with the Prize Patrol:

“You have to be in it to win it!”

Are you in it to win it?

Elliott M.

P.S. Another former Prize Patrol member is now a winning part of PCHSearch, too! Can you guess who it is? Stay tuned to this blog to find out!

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    cutest thing ever!!

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    I’m claiming this prize double standard $10,000,00 a week for life

  4. Daniella and Ewdin I really appreciate your support on PCH and I’m ready to be a great winner definitely December 30th from the special early look and I’m claiming this prize double standard $10,000,00 a week for life gwy4900 and $1,000,000,00 suprize gwy 4950

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    I luuuuv your gorgeous smile.

  6. How edmin I Love you

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    I just think Danielle is the cutest thing ever!!! I luuuuv your gorgeous smile. I would love for her to with a prize!!! Love Pch and love the happiness you bring to so many ppl!!!

  8. marc fiore says:

    I dont get it- it says I get all these entries and yet i never win nothing! !! now it says someone with ny initials won and yet where do you go to see the winners? ?

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Marc, while we have many draws and sweepstakes, only one person can win, but everyone has the same chance of winning. Thanks!

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