TGIM? Yes! Thank Goodness it’s Monday at PCHSearch&Win!


PCHSearch&Win Prizefest
Hello, Searchers – Why do so many people dread Mondays?  Songs have been written about the disappointment they may bring; beloved cartoon characters try in vain to avoid them; even statistics show that the most popular day to call in sick to the office is on Monday!

The lack of love for Mondays must mean that everyone doesn’t realize what our loyal members have known all along: Monday is Prizefest! Here at PCHSearch&Win, we say: TGIM or Thank Goodness It’s Monday because that’s the day we announce the instant prizes that will be awarded all week at PCHSearch. In fact, at PCHSearch&Win, there’s always something to look forward to on Monday…and Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday…

Mondays at PCHSearch&Win means a new batch of great prizes are just waiting to be won. Sure, the weekend is over. Okay, it’s time to set the alarm again. And yes, Monday means it’s time to get back to work for a lot of people. But Monday also means that there are new instant prizes to look forward to and the chance to search and enter for a Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize®! Now that’s a sure cure to anyone’s Monday morning blues.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at this week’s prizes. I think they’ll have you saying TGIM in no time! Here they are:

Monday (4/16): Five $1OO.OO American Express Gift Cards. (Don’t leave home without ’em.)

Tuesday (4/17): A Winner Every Hour! (Makes watching the clock fun!) Plus, don’t forget to come back to PCHSearch&Win at 7PM for even more exciting prize opportunities!

Wednesday (4/18): Five $1OO.OO Macy’s Gift Cards. (Believe in the Magic!)

Thursday (4/19): Ten $2O.OO Pizza Hut Gift Cards. (Cheese that’ll please.)

Friday (4/20): $1,OOO.OO in Fast Cash will be awarded. Plus, don’t forget to come back during Happy Hour from 4PM – 7PM ET when we’ll be awarding an amazing prize every 15 minutes. (Now that’s a Happy Hour you don’t want to miss!)

Saturday (4/21): Prize of the Day – Dell Laptop. (Win this, and you can log into PCHSearch&Win from your home, the office or even your favorite coffee shop.)

Sunday (4/22): $5O.OO StubHub Gift Cards. (Winners can get tickets to the theatre, a favorite concert or the big game!)

WOW! This week’s instant prizes are awesome! Can everyone say it with me: TGIM!

While we’re on the topic of Mondays, if you found out you had this Monday off from your regular responsibilities, what would you do with the bonus day of leisure (other than searching on PCHSearch&Win, of course!)?  I’d sleep in after staying up to watch Mad Men. After my relaxing morning snooze, I would lounge around with a hot cup of tea and read the paper, then hit the diner for a late breakfast with my friend, Tommy. How about you? Tell us about how you would spend your ideal Monday. Let us know in the comments section below.

Kate M.

PCH Creative

21 thoughts on “TGIM? Yes! Thank Goodness it’s Monday at PCHSearch&Win!”

  1. Leola Howell says:

    Happy*** Pumpkin DAY***


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  5. larry gebhardt says:

    Hsearch&win I larry gebhardt have answered all requests that were reqired to qualify. Does daily comments count?

    1. Victoria Victoria At PCH says:

      Hi Larry,

      Commenting on the PCHSearch&Win Blog is not related to having a chance to win. For the chance to win, all you have to do is log in to PCHSearch&Win and search.

      Victoria At PCH

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  7. jessica rash says:

    Become’in a pch super-prize winner:)

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