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  1. Denise Thomson says:

    I will be so thankful, as this extra money will help me propel my business that is in baby stages forward. I then can help, enrich, encourage others more easily, once I am fully established. It’s a win win situation! Thanks for asking!

  2. yvonne Dobson
    I would just be overwemled with
    joy. Because I could get out of debt.

  3. Mary Hutcheson says:

    I will be standing close by the door. I am having a ball playing publisher clearing house and searhing for different things are just amazing.thanks

  4. I would be the over joy and so so happy you see i never won a thing in my life

  5. Alfreda Jones says:

    I will be at the hospital seeing my new born grandbaby. This is the day that he will be arriving in the world. I’m hoping and praying that PCH be another blessing for me on that very same day.

  6. If my internet is working and my Android Touch Screen Tablet is working I will be playing my PCH Search and Win !!! Praying for the Day that I get to meet the Prize Patrol !!!! My one Dream would be to be able to help bring a Ray of Hope by being able to donate to the American Red Cross because they are always ready to help where every theres a need !!!!

  7. Nancy Metcalf says:

    Hope full I would be home and not sleeping or showering if PCH comes knocking on my door, cause you can’t hear not even the door bell in the back room.

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