How Edwin of PCHSearch&Win was “Hatched!”

Hello, Searchers!

It’s me, Edwin, the PCHSearch&Win Owl! You’ve probably seen me hanging around the PCHSearch&Win site. I’m the one with the great tips on the PCHSearch&Win Dos and Don’ts page, and sometimes I even catch a ride in the PCHSearch&Win emails to bring you some Fun Facts! I know, I know, I have a dream job!

I just LOVE being the mascot for PCHSearch&Win ― the only and very popular Search Engine with PCH power where you could win instantly AND get a daily entry for a Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize in the Online Sweepstakes. Did you ever wonder how I got this dream job? Well, it all started because the PCHSearch&Win team wanted to give PCHSearch&Win Members something to smile about! So, Eve F., Christine D. and some of my other friends called a meeting to select a PCHSearch&Win mascot. But the truth is, if things had gone differently, I wouldn’t be around to tell you this story. Rumor has it that they narrowed it down to me and a cheetah. Can you imagine???

Well, cheetahs ARE fast and popular search engine PCHSearch&Win does give you FAST search results. But, ultimately everyone agreed that I’m the perfect mascot for PCHSearch&Win because I’m WISE and PCHSearch&Win helps you find the information and websites you need. (Not to mention, I’m extremely witty and adorable 😉 )

Speaking of adorable, I owe my loveable physique to the Senior Web designer at PCHSearch&Win.  He worked hard to give me that sweet, wide-eyed look that keeps the ladies swooning. And have you ever wondered how I always seem to have just the right outfit for every occasion? My friends on the creative team keep me dressed to impress! Here are just a few of my looks:

Me as a chef! What do you think I cooked up?

Don’t I look smart?

Look at me, I’m a winner!

Say ahhh…

I always get a “hoot” out of those outfits…don’t you?

There you have it, that’s how I was “hatched,” so to speak. And I’m not going anywhere, I have my dream job! I love PCHSearch&Win searchers…and I have a feeling they love me too. DO YOU?

Before I go, I want to remind you to BE WISE and keep searching every day on our popular search engine to enter to win the Online Sweepstakes — and go for a shot at $5,OOO.OO Every Week For Life on May 31st! I wonder who – who – who will win!


PCHSearch&Win Mascot Extraordinaire

P.S. Guess what, I’ll soon have my very own game on the PCHSearch&Win Fan Page on Facebook. I’m so excited! Stay tuned for details!

124 thoughts on “How Edwin of PCHSearch&Win was “Hatched!””

  1. I claim the superprize of #8800 for the summer prize I claim 15 million dollars come to spartanburg sc please jesus send all four angels too me todd , dave, howiedaveandtoddpleasecomeiclaimthesuperprize and danielle I love pch and playing games please come ..I pray for a wind fall of a finacial..blessing for my mom too help her so she don’t have to ever work anymore Becuz she hurts all the time that would be the greatest gift I could give too her I love pch ..come …jesus loves u pch…

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hello Tiffany, please be aware that the number 8800 is a drawing number, not a specific number assigned to you. Everyone who enters for the grand prize drawing is entering into drawing number xxxx. Once your entry has been transmitted to PCH Headquarters, it will be assigned a SuperPrize Number. It is this number that is used to pick the winner. We are sorry, but Customer Service does not have access to that file.

  2. I’m in it to win I wanna win 7000 for life

  3. I’m gonna win I’m gonna win!

  4. Kristi Burkhalter says:

    Edwin the owl is so cute and #witty
    #adorable 🙂

  5. Kristi Burkhalter says:

    Look at me I want to be a #lucky winner

  6. I’m in to win Edwin

  7. CAROL DAVIS says:


  8. says:

    A week forever for Life

  9. says:

    my prize Number to enter

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