Five Point Release: Instant Win Prizes All Day Long!

Dear Searchers,

Ready for some PCHSearch&Win instant win excitement? Well, I have some amazing news about a new event that’s taking place on the site today! This has never happened before, so I’m pleased to tell you all about ….


If you’re reading this blog, I’m guessing you know all about our amazing Search Engine that gives you daily chances to win instantly! Usually, our prizes are released at 12 AM and instant winners are chosen at random throughout the day. That’s great, right? But today we have something even better in store. For the first time ever, PCH Officials have authorized a Five Point Release! What’s that? New prizes will be released at 5 times throughout the day and instant winners are guaranteed from each release.

Yes, searchers like you can look forward to NEW INSTANT WIN PRIZES being released at 12 AM, 11 AM, 2 PM, 5 PM and 8 PM. As you use PCHSearch&Win for all your web searching throughout the day, you’ll get exciting, new winning opportunities! These great instant prizes include a Dell laptop and Best Buy Gift Cards — and they’re for searchers only!

If that’s not enough to get those fingers typing, you’ll even be entered for $3 Million for a Dream Home and a $5,OOO.OO Online Exclusive Prize with the first search of the day. What do you need to search for today?  Movie reviews? New recipes? Vacation ideas? Maybe you want to find old friends online? The list is truly endless!

Whatever you end up searching for, I hope you enjoy today’s new Five Point Release at PCHSearch&Win. I know that the team behind the scenes here at PCHSearch&Win enjoyed bringing it to you. You see, we’re always trying to dream up exciting new instant win opportunities for friends like you. Do you have any ideas to share? We’d love to hear them, so be sure to comment below.

Happy Searching & Good Luck!

Elaina R.
PCH Creative

1,522 thoughts on “Five Point Release: Instant Win Prizes All Day Long!”

  1. Robert Gonzalez says:

    I want to Claim my Entry To Win 0ne Prize Release #4/5
    PCH Gwy today. RG

  2. Jacqueline Aramayo says:

    Search and win please accept my entry to win Prize release totaling $3.750 Instant prizes # 4/5 20 $25.00 Cash prize, Thanks!!!

  3. Robert Gonzalez says:

    I want to Claim my Prize Release #3/5 one Prize today
    Thank you PCH Gwy. RG

  4. Ellen Harris says:

    Hi, I want to claim Search #3 of 5 point Prize release at 2:pm Totaling $3,750.00. I would love to be a winner of at least one. Thank you very much.

  5. Maheshchandra Trivedi says:

    I want to win PCH&Search All 5 surching prizes Totalling $3750.00 today !

  6. Ellen Harris says:

    Claiming my First prize Release of 5 Totaling $3,750.00. Thank you so much.

  7. Robert Gonzalez says:

    I want to Claim my Prize Release #2/5 PCh Gwy today
    Just 1 Gift Card Thank you. RG

  8. Gail Wenzel says:

    It getting releases $3,750.00 prizes be for 2:00 ET, find the line that 5 releases. Gail Wenzel

  9. Rita Jackson says:

    This is my first release of 5 (3) $500.00 Walmart gift cards.

  10. Rita Jackson says:

    First of my 5 prize release (3) $50.00 Walmart cards. I love shopping Walmart, make me a winner! PLEZZZZZZZZZZZ!

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