Ordinary Day? No way — Not With These Prizes!

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Hello, searchers. Today, June 4, 2012, is the 155th day of the year. The first Monday of the month. No national holiday, no reason to cheer. Nothing special, right?

(Cue the buzzer) Wrong! I just did a quick search on PCHSearch&Win and turned up a few fun facts about this seemingly ordinary day in history.

Check this out: On this date in 1783, the Montgolfier brothers sent their new invention, the hot air balloon, on its first public flight! Made of paper and sackcloth, held together by 1,800 buttons and reinforced by a net of cord, the unmanned balloon sailed aloft before an audience of dignitaries at Annonay, France. It travelled 1.2 miles and reached an altitude of about 6,000 feet in a flight lasting 10 minutes! That must have been thrilling!

Now consider this astounding fact: On this date in 1876, the First Transcontinental Railroad accomplished a feat that made headlines across the country — a train called the Transcontinental Express arrived in San Francisco only 83 hours and 39 minutes after leaving New York City! Wow – that’sno ordinary day!

If driving is your principal means of transportation, give a tip of the hat to this date in 1896, when the Ford Quadricycle, Henry Ford’s first gas-powered automobile, completed its successful trial run. Thank you, Mr. Ford!

To us PCHers, the most special thing about today — the thing that makes you searchers want to cheer — is that it’s the day we announce…


Today, Monday, June 4, 2012, one lucky searcher will become the winner of a GPS! What would Henry Ford have given for that?

Tuesday, June 5 — Over $3,000.00 in Prize Wheel prizes will be awarded. They include $100 Brookstone gift cards, $100.00 American Express gift cards, $100.00 Best Buy gift cards, and more. PLUS don’t forget to come back to PCHSearch&Win from 4PM to 7 PM for “Happy Hour!” There will be a cash winner every 15 minutes.

Wednesday, June 6 – Instant win prize of the day: $500.00 Travelocity Card. (You could book a ride on a hot air balloon or a berth on a cross-country rail tour!)

Thursday, June 7 — $500.00 Cash for Bills!

Friday, June 8 — There will be a $100.00 Cash Winner Every Hour. And during the “Lunch Special,” there will be prizes every 5 Minutes from 11AM to 2PM!

Saturday, June 9 — The Prize of the Day is a Wii!

Sunday, June 10 — Five lucky searchers will win $100.00 eBay gift cards!

Hey, with an instant win prize announcement like this, it’s beginning to look like June 4 is no ordinary day after all…

Happy Searching!
Joyce W.

PCH Online Creative

P.S. Another type of prizefest was launched on this date in 1917. Can you guess what it was? Why not share your answer — and other fun facts you’ve discovered using PCHSearch&Win —  in the comment space below?

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