Go Behind The Scenes at PCHSearch&Win and Meet Min Min!

Hello! It’s always fun to take blog readers like you behind the scenes to meet the people who help keep PCHSearch&Win running. Today I’m pleased to introduce you to Min Min T.!

Just a year ago, Min Min started at PCH as an intern, and now she’s a vital member of the PCHSearch Online Development Team.

Min Min collaborates with her fellow marketers and the Search technology team to make sure the PCHSearch&Win mobile and desktop sites are user-friendly and always up and running!  She and her colleagues are always dreaming up innovative and exciting new ways to win that’ll keep searchers like you happy!

She likes working at our offices in scenic Port Washington, New York, and she really loves living in Manhattan.  She exclaims, “there are always tons of people around — and the traffic! The city really never sleeps.” Since we’re going behind the scenes, you should know that Min Min is originally from Penang, Malaysia, which is a little tropical island where life is a bit more laid back and casual.

Min Min moved across the globe in 2008 to attend college in Upstate New York.  One of her most memorable experiences in the US was experiencing snow for the first time!

When asked what she’d do if she won a Millionaire-Making SuperPrize, Min Min joked, “Retire!” She quickly added, “I would treat my family, my boyfriend and myself to a nice holiday, take my friends and colleagues to a nice meal, buy a nice apartment in the city, give some money to charity, and invest the rest … if there’s anything left!” Of course, as a PCH employee she can’t win herself, but that doesn’t stop her from thinking up new ways to win for everyone else!

When it comes to Edwin, the PCHSearch mascot, Min Min thinks he’s “cute and cheerful.”  But her other animal love is her dog named Peanut who lives with her family in Malaysia. And her guilty pleasure?  McDonald’s! “I used to travel a lot,” remarks Min Min. “When I’m somewhere that I’m not used to the food, I am always happy to see McDonald’s!”

When asked what she would tell her friends about PCHSearch&Win, she remarked, “Use it, because the winners are real!” Now, that’s great advice for everyone!

I hope you enjoyed going behind the scenes with Min Min … and that you’ll take advantage of the many ways to win she helps come up with and search today!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

16 thoughts on “Go Behind The Scenes at PCHSearch&Win and Meet Min Min!”

  1. says:

    I enjoy reading what other people say

  2. says:

    I hope someday my son will get a chance to travel …

  3. I enjoy reading what other people say. It would be nice if I won anything.

  4. Tiffany Harrah says:

    If we all could only have lives like that. I hope someday my son will get a chance to travel …maybe if he can just keep his broken heart from damaging his smart mind… maybe a scholarship will help him do just that. That is to do the things I was not able to do.

  5. DeLayne Perry says:

    Hi there Min Min..! 🙂 My daughter-in-law’s sister is also named Min and my daughter-in-law’s name is Ying. I look very happy living in the United States! Thanks for the advice: to use PCH Search and Win. I think I will take it! Don’t let Edwin fly away now!

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