Andy N. Helps Put the Instant Win in PCHSearch&Win!

Hey, searchers, now that you’re loving the instant win opportunities you get through PCHSearch&Win, do you ever give a thought to those who keep our marvelous search engine fun and functioning? How would you feel if it suddenly stopped working — No “magic” search results from Google, Yahoo, and Bing. No cash prize opportunities. No instant winners every day of the week.

Oh, the horror!

I say that in jest, of course. My point is that it’s easy to take for granted PCHSearch&Win’s powerful operations — and those who make searching and winning work.

Well, we at PCH think it’s high time to salute the unsung heroes behind the machine. So say hello to a key member of our terrific Tech Team, Senior Software Developer, Andy N.

A four-year veteran of Publishers Clearing House, Andy is responsible for keeping PCHSearch&Win fun and functional. Like a chef or mixologist, Andy keeps an eye out for special requests from his “customers” (the Contests department), tests winning “recipes” (programs) to delight our searchers, and cleans up when there’s nothing urgent going on. Andy also helps to ensure that our searchers get their instant win prizes.

With his extensive background, Andy is expert at bringing the world to your fingertips. “I’m the oldest web programmer I know! I started learning modern programming in 1998, and I was over 30 then.” Before coming to PCH, he worked for a search engine software company, so you know that PCHSearch&Win is in great hands!

What gets Andy jazzed about his job? “I like seeing new features work well — that can be very exciting.  I like to geek out over computer language questions. And I do like working for a company that does nice things for people.” What’s his biggest challenge? Trying to make all the PCH Teams he works with happy — because if they’re happy, you’re happy.

Speaking a language as intense as Computerese, Andy has a quirky sense of humor. He thinks Edwin, our loveable owl mascot, is cool. “He’s a sharp dresser…but he isn’t full of himself,” Andy quips. As for what he would do if he won a PCH SuperPrize, Andy says, “Hey, I work here! I would have to give it back and let somebody else win it. So I would keep coming to work, but I would laugh and laugh!”

But there is one point that Andy is dead serious about, and that is the rules of searching on PCHSearch&Win. “Listen up, searchers! There are no magic search terms on PCHSearch&Win. This is a search engine that is on the level. People really win the instant prizes we advertise, and they are won at random. So search for the things that interest you and make good use of the results. Because clicking like mad on any old thing will not help you win!”

Thank you, Andy N., for those words of wisdom, and for helping to keep PCHSearch&Win a fun and winning experience.

Joyce W.
PCH Online Creative

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    ,I pray that you can help me

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    I feel like I’m in the middle of the lake in a boat

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    I really appreciate your help

  4. Hi Andy,I pray that you can help me I’m trying to enter a contest and the Co. wont let me ,they want another e-mail address I dont have another e mail. Please help me ,I’m wasting precious time. I really appreciate your help,I feel like I’m in the middle of the lake in a boat with no motor or oars.I can’t swim.I use Pch search&win you guys are awesome. God Bless Helen Russell

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