Get Fired Up AND Maybe Even Win Prizes with PCHSearch!

Hey Searchers,

Who here wants to win prizes — INSTANT prizes? Well if the answer is YOU, then I have exciting news! Monday, July 16th not only marks another EXCITING PRIZEFEST kickoff, but this date also sits right-smack in the middle of National Grill Month!  I’m salivating just thinking about it! What better time of the year to break out the grill, throw a bunch-a hot dogs and hamburgers on and get fired up for a great time?

If my family and friends decided to throw a pool party, the only place you’d find me is in front of the grill. I love cooking up a storm for my folks, making sure they enjoy every bite of their food.

Hey, if you don’t know much about grilling I’ve got a great tip for you! PCHSearch is the perfect place to find out more about how to make the perfect skirt steak! Powered by the best search engines on the web including Google, Yahoo and Bing, PCHSearch&Win not only gives you great search results to see how many times you should flip the burgers, but also gives you the opportunity to win prizes.

OH and did I mention it’s the only place online where your very first daily search enters you for a chance to become a Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize Winner! HOW COOL IS THAT?

So let’s get to the fun part and see what INSTANT prizes PCHSearch has fired up for you this week:

Monday, July 16th: It’s The Cash Craze Contest where we will be giving away: Ten $25.00 Cash Prizes, Ten $50.00 Cash Prizes, Six $75.00 Cash Prizes, Four $100 Cash Prizes and One $500.00 Cash Prize!

Tuesday, July 17th: Five $100.00 American Express Gift Cards are up for grabs!

Wednesday, July 18th: Five lucky winners could go on a shopping spree with a $100.00 Macy’s Gift Card!

Thursday, July 19th: 3 Acer Aspire Notebooks (valued at $600.00 each)!

Friday, July 20th: It’s the Famous Prize Wheel & Happy Hour Contest! Prizes include: Five $100.00 Ebay Gift Cards, Five $100.00 Brookstone Gift Cards, Five $100.00 Bed, Bath and Beyond Gift Cards, Five $100.00 American Express Gift Cards, Five $100.00 Best Buy Gift Cards, Five $20.00 Kohl’s Gift Cards PLUS there will be a Cash Winner Every 15 Minutes from 4pm-7pm!

Saturday, July 21st: There will be Ten $50.00 Cash Prizes awarded!

Sunday, July 22nd: Five $50.00 StubHub Gift Cards will be awarded!

All these cool prizes are prime opportunities to WIN BIG!

So I’ll ask everyone again…Who here wants to WIN PRIZES? And which one would YOU like to win most? Comment below, and then get searching!

Good luck!
Matt S.
PCH Creative

23 thoughts on “Get Fired Up AND Maybe Even Win Prizes with PCHSearch!”

  1. says:

    win $50.00 a ohama

  2. says:

    win one of the ten entries

  3. says:

    i am her to win one of the ten entries to win $50.00 a ohama stak card

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