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Hey, searchers, do you remember when most of the stores in your town were friendly little Mom And Pop shops? There were lots of them when I was growing up: the corner store, where us kids went to buy candy; little “hole in the wall” book and record shops, where you could spend an afternoon browsing the aisles. Sadly, many went the way of the dinosaur as the large chain stores moved in. They couldn’t compete with the low prices and range of products those “big boxes” offered.

You know the slogan “Think Globally, Act Locally?” With the advent of Small Business Day and the locavore movement, it has become “Think Globally, Shop Locally.” Why? Because where we spend our money impacts our communities in a big way!

In 2003, Independent Retailers Week was launched to salute small businesses, showcase the vital role they play in the community, the economy and the retail industry, and remind consumers of the benefits of shopping local. This year, Independent Retailers Week starts today, July 18th and lasts through July 24th. And after using PCHSearch to learn why supporting “small business” is a big deal, I plan to join the celebration!

Did you know that when you shop near home, you are supporting members of your own community who, like you, have a stake in the health of local resources? That neighborhood Mom And Pop stores hire local workers and services, thus keeping more money in the community? Shopping local also contributes to the spirit and success of your community. And that’s just for starters.

Use PCHSearch&Win to find out about the benefits of shopping locally, and you too will be inspired. I had no idea that where I spend my money could have such an influence on the local — and global — economy!

Want to support the small businesses in your town? PCHSearch can help! Why not look up independent retailers, community stores, and small shops in your area? You may discover little gems you never knew existed! For instance, as a locavore (someone interested in eating food locally grown), I searched and found lots of farm stands and farmers’ markets near my home. I located several independent record, toy, and bookstores. I also discovered beekeepers that sell local honey, and an outlet store for high quality “green” products. Woo-hoo!

Already planning on shopping local? Use PCHSearch&Win to find retailer web sites and check out the events and giveaways they’re offering this week. You can also search for local merchants’ associations, Chambers of Commerce, and Main Street programs to see which indie stores are participating. And whether you’re a small business person or a consumer, PCHSearch&Win can help you get in on the action!

Why not start now? And remember, your searching could win you a prize! If you won a cash windfall, which indie store would you like to spend it in? Spill the beans in the comment space below!

Happy Searching!

Joyce W.
PCH Online Creative

7 thoughts on “Shop “Mom And Pop” With The Help Of PCHSearch!”

  1. says:

    little stores like family

  2. says:

    PCH I shop at little stores

  3. says:

    yes i remember those little stores.

  4. carolinejinks says:

    yes PCH I shop at little stores like family dollar because my money could go a long ways in a dollar stores

  5. yes i remember those little stores. but not their all about gone.but who has money to spair to go shoping much. my husbans disabilty check pays a few bills.and i small pay check lets ous buy a few groiceries.

  6. Beverly Crawford says:

    We had small town stoes also and now i fine to have fun in the dollar store!! my grandchildren like to pick birthday gifes out for friends!! and of coure for them self!! fun place for us to have fun!!Try it you will like shopping there also!!

  7. Kanika Loeung says:

    Woah, I haven’t really thought about where my money goes after I spend it. I usually just thought it would go to the company, but I guess not. From now on, I and hopefully many others who sees this will shop locally.

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