Craving Grilled Recipes? Fire up PCHSearch!

Hey Searchers!

Summertime is undoubtedly in full swing. The days are pleasantly longer, the air is heavier and, often times, filled with the irresistible aroma from grilled recipes on your outdoor grill. Not surprisingly, July is National Grilling Month! While I’ve been a semi-vegetarian for quite some time now (pescatarian, to be precise), I must admit, I’ve had the occasional hankering to fire up my grill for some for ribs. Yummy!

Cool thing about grilling is that it makes almost anything taste better – even veggie burgers (which I have admittedly come to love). Another cool thing? You can use PCHSearch to find some of those great grilled recipes you’ve been looking for! Because, in all honesty, what tastes even better than that smoldering steak or scintillating grilled kilbasa? Winning instant prizes just by searching for those yummy recipes, of course! Here’s how it works: after logging in, your very first search of the day enters you for a chance to become a Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize winner! Need to know how to fire up that grill or which charcoal to use? Well, all searches after your initial search qualify you to win awesome instant prizes. Sounds finger-lickin’ good to me!

So, although I consider myself to be a pescatarian (you can use PCHSearch to look that one up if you’re not sure what it is), I can still have loads of fun around the grill this summer, right? I’m thinking a nice salmon filet with a honey-teriyaki barbecue glaze – with some grilled veggies of course – maybe some squash and broccoli.

Make sure you head on over to PCHSearch&Win to find some great grilled recipes before summer’s end! And remember, your taste buds will thank you – and maybe your wallet will, too.

Jussie Wilder At PCH

P.S. What are your favorite grillin’ recipes? Comment below and tell us which barbecue fare ignites your senses!

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  8. Me and my kids and grandkids going to the park and gril some ribs that my daughter is use her famous dry rub on the ribs and I got some corn on the cobb we put on the gril and bake potatoes.

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