Time to Wake Up? At PCHSearch, We Say Time To Win Prizes!

PCHSearch fans, have you got a case of the Mondays? We sure hope not, but if you do we’ve got the cure. That’s right, it’s time for PRIZEFEST!

Waking up on Monday morning is always the toughest part of the week, in my opinion. When my cell phone alarm goes off, a digital roster crows louder and louder until I answer his call. Inevitably, my first response is a smack to the snooze button. Time to wake up? No way! I try to get back to my dreams, but it’s hard to fall back into that magical land in just 6 minutes. It’s rough; it really is. Of course, I do love waking up and coming here to work with all my awesome PCH coworkers. I also love seeing what our fans have been up to over the weekend! But…truth be told…making it from bed to desk isn’t the easiest trek of my life.

I’m sure some of you agree with me on this, but the good news is that at PCHSearch, you’ve got some GREAT reasons to bounce out of bed in the mornings: you could win prizes instantly! That’s right, in addition to getting the BEST search results for whatever you happen to query, you’ve also got the chance to win prizes – and like I said, INSTANTLY! Not to mention, your first search of the day will give you a Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize entry! How cool!

So how about we take a look at all the awesome instant prizes up for grabs this week:

Monday, July 30th: $1,000.00 Fast Cash!

Tuesday, July 31st: Mystery Prizes…but we can tell you one of them: CASH!

Wednesday, August 1st: Instant Prizes will be awarded every hour. Starting at 7PM, we’ll have a cash winner every fifteen minutes!

Thursday, August 2nd: CVS Gift Cards!

Friday, August 3rd: Five $150.00 Overstock Gift Cards!

Saturday, August 4th: One lucky searcher will be the winner of a GPS!

Sunday, August 5th: We’re awarding $1,000.00 Fast Cash!

So searchers, it’s time to wake up, get searching and win prizes! Good Luck!

PCH Social Media Team

36 thoughts on “Time to Wake Up? At PCHSearch, We Say Time To Win Prizes!”

  1. says:

    entering the 1,000.00 prize

  2. says:

    I`d like to win p.c.h

  3. carla m Antee says:

    Yes Yes I want to win

  4. roxann howerton says:

    yes I`d like to win p.c.h. thank you so must.

  5. I’m entering the 1,000.00 prize for August 15

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