A Round of Applause for Left-Handers and Prizefest!

Let’s hear it for Prizefest, the day we announce all the great instant prizes up for grabs this week here at PCHSearch&Win! Put your hands together for a round of applause for all the fantastic prizes being awarded in the week ahead!

Speaking of hands, do you know what else today is? It’s Left-Handers’ Day! In a world designed primarily for right-handed people, today is a day set aside especially for southpaws. Check out the trivia quiz at the end of this blog to see how much you know about left-handers. If you’re coming up “empty-handed” when it comes to answers, try searching on PCHSearch&Win! It’s a great way to search for anything you want to find. After all, PCHSearch&Win is powered by the best search engines on the web: Google, Yahoo and Bing! Plus, not only do you get great search results, you also put yourself in the running for some amazing prizes. It’s also the only place online where you can be enter to win a Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize with your first daily search!

But before we get to that quiz, take a look at all the incredible instant prizes that will be awarded this week:

Monday, August 13th: Five $1OO.OO eBay Gift Cards!

Tuesday, August 14th: Five $1OO.OO IKEA Gift Cards!

Wednesday, August 15th: Ten $25.OO JC Penney Gift Cards!

Thursday, August 16th: There will be an Instant Winner every hour!

Friday, August 17th: Ten Amazon Kindle Fires will be awarded!

Saturday, August 18th: Five $1OO.OO Macy’s Gift Cards!

Sunday, August 19th: Three Acer Aspire Notebook Laptops must be given away!

Don’t you think these prizes deserve a round of applause?

Okay, now it’s time to see if you’re deft about the left. Just for fun, take this trivia quiz about left-handers. Need help? Try PCHSearch! Post your answers in the comments section below.

1) Which famous 1976 film featured a southpaw boxer with a shot at the world heavyweight championship title?

2) Approximately what percentage of the population is left-handed?
(a) 10% (b) 40% (c) 25% or (d) 75%

3) Which renowned left-handed artist painted the Mona Lisa?

4) Baseball’s Mr. October is a left-hander. Name him.

5) How many U.S. Presidents have been left-handed?

Good luck!
Kate M.

P.S. Do you like the photo? Some friends from the PCH Creative Team happily “lent a hand” for this left-handed photo op.

9 thoughts on “A Round of Applause for Left-Handers and Prizefest!”

  1. says:

    you’ve right here.

  2. says:

    I always kid her about being a left- handed.

  3. Fantastic content you’ve right here.

  4. Faith Finkes says:

    Love the photo. Being left-handed feels normal to me – always has. 1.Rocky Balboa 2. 10% 3. Da Vinci 4. Reggie Jackson Joe Nuxhall was known as the “Ole Left-hander” and played for the Cincinnati Reds and longer than anyone in baseball history because he lied about his age when he first started playing professionally 5. 7 out of the last 14 – before that being left-handed was not considered a good thing and no one kept track. Reagan was ambidextrous.

  5. Darrell Rhea says:

    Hey Hey Hey I don’t want to be LEFT behind either!!! I am a proud left-handed American. Congratulations to all of my fellow leftys and remember “We Are ALWAYS in our RIGHT frame of mind!!!!”.

  6. John J Pelegrino says:

    Well it’s my Wife’s Day I always kid her about being a left- handed. My Dad was a southpaw and he never thought it was different.When my Brother was a kid he started out as a left- handed so one of his teacher’s taught him to change to his right hand. My Wife is the only one here now so it’s Her Day. She Sends Her Congratulations To All The Left Handers

  7. Kanika Loeung says:

    I can write with my right hand and left hand too. I love this hands photo it look having fun and great team.

  8. Linda Giannone says:

    I have a lot of south paws in my family. my son is left handed. My mother, grandmother and three nieces are all south paws. Me, I am ambidextrous , yes, I can use both hands! I cut with my left hand, I usually read and turn the pages with my left. South paws are usually very creative. Cheers to the south paws!

  9. yes i love apple sauce.and the photo was nice also.

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