Loads Of Back To School Ideas At PCHSearch!

From great backpack deals to homework help, make PCHSearch your source for back to school ideas!

Say it ain’t so!

It’s back to school time ALREADY??  Ok, so I haven’t actually attended school in years ― more years than I’d care to admit. But I am sad to see the summer go, since summer vacation for my kids also means summer vacation for ME!

I mean, I’ve been working here at PCH. But I’m happy to report that I haven’t gone over a single list of spelling words or worked on a science project in months! Just between us, <wink, wink> it’s been wonderful!

I know that some of our friends across the country have already gone back to school. Here in the New York area, classes start after Labor Day. Faced with the inevitable return to our school year routine, I made a list of necessities.

In a nutshell: 2 new backpacks, 2 new pairs of sneakers and the never-ending list of school supplies.

This job required a little online reconnaissance mission and that’s where PCHSearch came in. I needed back to school ideas, and with a few searches I was able to discover that backpacks are on sale at our favorite sporting goods store and I was even able to locate amazing deals on notebooks, folders, pencils, highlighters and more.

We’ve picked up a few things, but we’re not finished yet. Did you see the picture of my kids with their new backpacks? All smiles! Whatever you need to purchase this back to school season, why not search at PCHSearch&Win to find it?

And that’s not all! I’m counting on PCHSearch&Win to be my trusted helper all year long when the flood of homework hits! So when we need to find the Capital of Luxembourg, the square root of 5000, or the answer to any other puzzling question, we’ll have PCHSearch&Win on our side!

And guess what, fellow homework-doers and homework-helpers? PCHSearch&Win will be on your side, too. And you could even win amazing instant prizes when you search! What could be better than that?

Good luck!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

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