Pre-Season Football Is Back & So Is The Prize Patrol!

Hey Searchers,

Do you have a favorite month? I know August is mine! And it’s not because of the nice weather that comes about. The real reason I look forward to August is because it offers us football fanatics a chance to get a sneak-peek into what our favorite teams are doing to prepare for the upcoming season. That’s right searchers! Pre-Season football is back!

For my fellow friends who aren’t familiar with Pre-Season football, it refers to a period of time each year during which your team plays several exhibition games before the actual season begins.  Sort of like “tune-up” games.

There’s so much excitement around this time of the year. Analysts and experts will discuss and make bold predictions about what teams are primed for a big year. Crazy fans (just like me) will start rummaging through their closets to dust off and throw on our football jerseys to support our favorite players.

Speaking of excitement, do you know what else is happening this August? In fact, in just days, our “team”, the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol is going to be out on the “field” ready to award a lucky someone a life-changing “Forever” Prize. This August 31st your life and the life of someone special you know could be changed “FOREVER”. You see, YOU could Win $5,000 A Week for the rest of your life, then – after that – someone you choose gets $5,000 A Week for their life! How amazing would it be to be able to leave a legacy of financial security for your family?

OH! Did I mention how easy it is to enter for the prize event? All you have to do is head over to PCHSearch&Win and log in, and you’ll automatically be entered with your first daily search! Powered by the best search engines on the web including Google, Yahoo and Bing, you’re sure to find the latest and greatest news – like when and where your favorite team is playing, where you can buy jerseys and other gear, how to plan “winning” game-day parties and more!


Tomorrow, August 23rd, is the final day for you to claim your entry into the “FOREVER” Prize. So if you want to see the Prize Patrol on August 31st, get searching before it’s too late! The clock is ticking…

Matt S.

P.S. What’s your favorite football team? Comment below and let us know!


43 thoughts on “Pre-Season Football Is Back & So Is The Prize Patrol!”

  1. says:

    good evening where the case may be PCH

  2. Good afternoon or good evening where the case may be PCH yes indeed I am responding and claiming my interest to win and I am looking forward to win 10000 a week for life from giveaway number 4900 and I’m hoping very much to see you guys real soon very soon and also PS by the way there’s another number I’ve been trying to claim 4650 and 4950 and everything else that come with 4900 giveaway does the number other than cleaning that away take care of God bless and looking forward to see you guys very very soon come knocking on my door surprising me and my family will be checking in so we can do the things that he would like to do in life anyway take care of love you guys keep on keeping on doing what you doing you’re doing it right yours truly Rance Reed and family

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    I’m claiming all my entries that I participate.

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