Grand Slam! PCHSearch Serves Up Life-Changing Prizes, Every Day

Hey Searchers,

“Bounce, bounce, bounce…. THWACK!”

Say there! If you’ve been lucky enough to tune into CBS these past few days, you’ve heard that sound hundreds of times as the world’s greatest tennis players, from over 60 nations, gather to compete in the 2012 US Open.

Have you ever been to the U.S. Open?  I was fortunate enough to go with my friend Kevin back in 2002, and we witnessed U.S. born Andy Roddick defeat Juan Ignacio Chela of Argentina in a quarterfinals match. I remember the match just like it was yesterday. The energy from the players and the excitement from the crowd was incredible!

Speaking of incredible…you know what’s really incredible…what some might even call a GRAND SLAM? The tons of prizes that PCHSearch is always “serving up”! From instant-win prizes to entries for a life-changing PCH SuperPrize, PCHSearch&Win is always giving you as many winning moments as possible.

Be sure to “slam” every chance you have at winning. Unlike the players in the U.S. Open, you don’t have to wait a year for another opportunity to win. As a matter of fact, you can get one right now — and every day!

Want to know how? It’s so easy!

Get the “advantage” on your friends and family by heading over to PCHSearch&Win. Log in, and with your first daily search, you’ll automatically be entered to win the life-changing PCH Sweepstakes! Powered by the best search engines on the web including Google, Yahoo and Bing, PCHSearch is sure to lead you the latest and greatest news — like when and where your favorite player is taking the court, up-to-date rankings, where you can buy awesome tennis apparel and other gear, tennis courts near you, and more!

The ball’s in your court! What’s your next move? C’mon…make it a GRAND SLAM!

Good Luck,

Matt S.
PCH Creative

P.S. Comment below and tell me what your favorite sport is!

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    I’m the best team to go all the way to win.

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    Yes I want to be PCH winner.

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