6 thoughts on “leaves”

  1. I love the fall season. The beautiful colors on different kind of trees. Especially in the mountains. BEAUTIFUL scenery.

  2. add your comment hereLove the Fall colors

  3. Cathy Roach says:

    It is a beautiful time of October and the falling leaves are so beautiful and I love the be under the leaves feeling comfortable in life as I thank God for blessing days to all of us. We are lucky to live In America. I pray for other countries to be safe and more protection from Harm’s Way. Help people and I wish I could help for I have no money. I just pray for them and be safe.

  4. Cathy Roach says:

    It helps the PCH winners to have extra money on cash. Hope they win the prizes better than Nothing!!

  5. Pamela Crutcher says:

    TN we have beautiful leaves in the fall!!

  6. Cathy Roach says:

    PCH TIME OF oCTOBER WINNINGS! Real prizes make wonderful Fall Times Winners!

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