Meet Another Winning Piece of PCHSearch&Win — Elaina!

You’ve seen her signature on PCH blog posts and her face in video blogs. I’m talking about Elaina R. – a winning piece of PCHSearch&Win. Elaina sure is busy around here, but she took a few minutes out of her schedule to tell you a bit about herself.

As an Online Copywriter, Elaina wears many hats. Though she writes and helps coordinate PCH blogs with a team of writers, her primary job is writing for PCHSearch&Win. She’s also responsible for a lot of the content in our emails, and with her team, continually tries new things to delight and engage fans like you.

Elaina, who dreams about finishing her screenplay, just loves to write. But after earning a degree in Journalism, she decided she wasn’t “pushy” enough to get a scoop. Following a gig at a financial magazine, she landed a job at a direct mail bookseller. “Writing for catalogs was great,” she tells me, “but I prefer writing for the Web like I’m doing now.”

A PCH employee of almost 5 years, Elaina tells me she loves writing about happy things like Millionaire-making contests. “I’m glad that people enjoy our Sweepstakes opportunities, and it’s so exciting to see the big SuperPrize winners.  It’s also fun when I get roped into doing Elliott’s crazy comic strips!” We love those, too!

Being new here myself, I asked her how she got started at PCH. “I was originally hired to write for a new site called Blingo, which eventually became PCHSearch&Win. It was very different then,” Elaina replied. “Out of all the PCH microsites, that’s my favorite. I use it to search all the time, even though I can’t claim a prize if I win.”

Hmm. I wondered, “Well, if you could win a SuperPrize, how would you spend it?” A married mother of two, Elaina had a ready answer. “First, I’d save my family’s sanity by buying a bigger house. We’ve been tripping over each other in our small house for too long. I’d sock some away in a college fund for my kids and then I’d give to charity and help our family and friends.”

Speaking of family, Elaina had some nice things to say about her PCH colleagues. “The best part about working here is my dedicated and talented co-workers. We’re like a family. We’re big. We’re loud. Sometimes we drive each other crazy! But I appreciate them all.” Even Edwin? “Oh, Edwin’s been a wonderful addition to the team. I remember when he was first ‘hatched.’ He has brought a new dimension of fun to the Search&Win experience.” I bet you agree!

Elaina wants you to know that she’s grateful to be a winning piece of PCHSearch&Win. “I have no doubt it will continue to grow and become even better for our members in the years to come.”

Got something you want to say to Elaina? Why not share your thoughts in the comment space below?

And as always, happy searching, and hopefully, winning!

Joyce W.
PCH Online Creative

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  2. bruce dygert says:

    HI ELAINA you guys are like a big happy family you enjoy each other and FUN LIKE PLAYING PCH

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