Discover New Worlds Columbus Day Weekend with PCHSearch&Win!

Do you have the day off on Monday? Even if you don’t, why not make some discoveries of your own this Columbus Day Weekend with the help of PCHSearch&Win?

Whether you’re looking for great deals on a weekend getaway, the best place to view the changing Fall colors, or even a history lesson about the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria, PCHSearch&Win gives you the best results from the top search engines powered by Google and Yahoo!

Plus, it’s the only search engine that gives you the chance to win a millionaire-making, life-changing Mega Prize! That’s right! Searching at PCHSearch&Win not only makes you eligible for daily PCHSearch&Win Instant Prizes, your first search of the day will grant you an entry to win the November 30th Publishers Clearing House Mega Prize. That’s $5,000.00 a week for life along with $1,000,000.00 upfront!

Imagine the new worlds you could explore with that kind of money! Like Christopher Columbus, you could sail the ocean blue if you had that kind of money coming to you!

In the meantime, you can find other exciting things to explore this Columbus Day Weekend while you’re putting yourself in the running for incredible instant prizes from PCHSearch&Win.

Columbus Day Parades and Festivities: Utilize PCHSearch&Win to find festivities in your area, including parades, festivals or even the nearest history museum.

Weekend Trip: Enjoy the long weekend by taking a mini-vacation; PCHSearch&Win is ideal for finding information on Bed and Breakfasts, hotel deals and great weekend trips.

Seasonal Outings: Columbus Day Weekend is a perfect time check out the Fall foliage, visit a pumpkin patch or find your Halloween costume (before all the good ones are taken). PCHSearch&Win will return all the search results you need to make your Autumn awesome.

Shop for Fall Fashions: Now is a great time to shop online for those stylish Fall fashions. Use PCHSearch&Win to find great deals on everything from a fabulous Fedora to beautiful boots!

Find Recipes: Since it’s getting cooler, why not warm up with some delicious Fall favorites like chili, oven baked macaroni and cheese or apple crisp? You can find recipes for these seasonal favorites along with anything else that whets your appetite with a quick search at PCHSearch&Win!

Baseball: Whether you want to attend a major league game, support your local league or just go out and have a catch, PCHSearch&Win can help you find game times, locations and parks so you can spend Columbus Day Weekend enjoying America’s favorite pastime!

Whatever new worlds you explore, have a winning weekend everyone!

Kate M.

P.S. In addition to searching at PCHSearch&Win to gain an entry to win a Mega Prize on November 30th from Publishers Clearing House, what are your plans this weekend? Tell us in the Comments section!

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    have Columbus day

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    I don’t have Columbus day off have to work

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    I will keep in mind about pch search&win


  5. Diana Hanlon says:

    I don’t have Columbus day off have to work but I will keep in mind about pch search&win and hope this Mega Prize will make my Dream Come True my husband will be shocked if this happen he don’t believe pch I would love to show him it’s real, he would be very happy if we just pay all our bills off so he don’t have to worry about me anymore.<3<3

  6. larry sandridge says:

    I think this is a good thing You guys at PCH. help people who are in need. from financial burden please don’t stop. making dreams come true for millions.

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