33 thoughts on “mixednuts”

  1. Maxine Smith says:

    Winning would open up a new world of opportunities or my family and i. therefore, I am n it to win it. Please P C H pic me to th3e the next big winner.

  2. Paul Martinez says:

    Freedom that what this super prize means to me .The love of family and friends is strong like a river running it path.The want is strong,the need is plenty ,with two grandsons and one on the way.Four daughters my wishes are strong for a win.
    I’ve lost plenty in my life time,but it’s always seem to work out.Its been about twenty months ago had a bad fall.This has been a real challenge ,but I smile and I know that things are different .But with the super prize. I could gain my freedom back.Being in a wheelchair I could buy a outdoor power chair..My next want would start by seeing all the national forest from east to west.FREEDOM THATS MY GOAL good luck to all. Love all Paul

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