Let PCHSearch Help You Prepare For Your Best Halloween EVER!

Hey Searchers,

In just 2 days I’m going to stroll into work, right here, at Publishers Clearing House Headquarters in Port Washington, NY dressed up as…

NOPE! I won’t reveal my newest Halloween costume just yet. I want it to be a BIG SURPRISE to all my friends like last year.  I’m very fortunate to work in such a fun, enthusiastic environment here at PCH. Not everyone dresses up, but the few who do always have a blast.

Check out a picture we took last Halloween! Can you figure out who we are? Give your answers in the comment section below. We’d love to hear them!

While costuming-up for Halloween can be extraordinarily fun it can also become very stressful. From choosing who or what you want dress up as to staying under a tight budget, it can be extremely difficult to squeeze all the fun out of your Halloween with so little time and money to spare.

That’s where we come in! This Monday, October 29th is the start of a Brand-New Prizefest with tons of prizes GUARANTEED to be awarded. NO TRICKS JUST TREATS — boy is this going to be the best Halloween! Want to have some extra cash for the perfect costume? Read below to find out how you can have it!

Get the scoop on the latest and greatest costumes before all your friends and family by heading over to PCHSearch&Win. Log in, and with your first daily search, you’ll automatically be entered to win the life-changing PCH Sweepstakes! Powered by the best search engines on the web including Google and Yahoo, PCHSearch is sure to fulfill all your Halloween needs — like when and where your favorite parade is taking place, party ideas, or where you can find the most delicious recipes, and much more!

Now let’s get to the fun part and check out what we have in store for you this week!

Monday, October 29th: We’ll have a Prize Winner Every Hour! Get Searching!

Tuesday, October 30th: We’re giving away $500.00 Cash to pay off your annoying bills!

Wednesday, October 31st: Five $100.00 Best Buy Gift Cards, a Dell Laptop, five $100.00 HSN Gift Cards, twenty $25.00 Cash Prizes, and ten $25.00 McDonald’s Gift Cards.

Thursday, November 1st: Mystery Prizes! There’s only one way to find out what they are…get searching!

Friday, November 2nd: Fifteen $10.00 CVS Gift Cards are up for grabs!

Saturday, November 3rd: Calling all online shoppers… Five $150.00 Overstock Gift Cards will be awarded!

Sunday, November 4th: We’re giving away $1,000.00 in Fast Cash!

See I told you this was going to be the best Halloween ever! Good Luck!

Matt S.
PCH Creative

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