The PCH Community Bands Together After Hurricane Sandy

Dear Friends of PCHSearch&Win,

All of us at PCHSearch&Win want to send our best wishes to those affected by hurricane Sandy.  Many us experienced firsthand the challenges of this storm that ripped through the Northeast on October 29th.

Sandy’s incredibly high winds uprooted countless trees, leaving damage and hundreds of thousands without electricity in the region.  In coastal towns, many homes and cars were flooded.  Sadly, people even lost their lives.

A fallen tree by Amanda C.’s house.

Another fallen tree I encountered on my way home from work.

For probably the first time ever ― our office in scenic Port Washington closed for three consecutive days because of power outages and flooded roads.

But, even the damage of Sandy and ensuing gas shortages could not keep PCH down. Once the company was able to open its doors to employees, it was a friendly place for us to take refuge as we returned to work. Coworkers gathered in hallways swapping tales. Personally, it was nice to leave my candlelit home for the light and power of the office.  Lunch on the company also provided some relief in a challenging situation.

PCH saves the day with lunch!

As colleagues whose power had been restored offered my family and me a place to stay, do laundry, take showers and more, I began to realize how much of a family we truly are at PCH. All over the company, I heard similar stories….

“I was truly touched by the outpour of love and support I saw on Facebook from PCH fans who are truly concerned for Sandy victims. It’s times like these when you realize what truly matters in life ― your family, loved ones, and friends … and PCH fans are truly our friends.” ― Danielle Lam

“Because of the gas shortages, my friend and I have started carpooling every day. We also devised a plan to pair up at the gas station so one of us can wait on line while the other counts the cars in front of us to calculate (within a few gallons) whether the station will have enough. ”Danielle B. 

“I’ve been really moved by how my PCH family has banded together during this once-in-a-lifetime event. We’re all in this together!” ― Matt K.

“My co-worker, Lawrence Y., knew my apartment was getting cold and gave me an AS SEEN ON TV Snuggie. I put it on at night and actually slept well and felt warm. ”― Elliott M.

Yes, Sandy was very powerful. But what’s been even more powerful are the fire fighters and police officers working to keep us safe, often with little sleep. And the crews pouring into our area from all over the country to help restore light and hope back to our region.

So it seems, not even Hurricane Sandy can keep the PCH community down. As Amanda C. says, “While Sandy huffed and puffed and tried to knock us down…we showed her there’s no place like New York.”

For more information as the recovery efforts progress, or how you can help Sandy victims, check out PCHSearch&Win.

Wishing you the best.

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

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