Making the Most of Your Turkey Leftovers With PCHSearch!

Searchers, TODAY is a wonderful day.

Contrary to what you might think, I’m not rejoicing over the amazing bargains that are out there today. Make no mistake, I will fight my way to get some of the most useless things I will ever purchase simply because they’re so cheap. (Flannel hot pink zebra patterned footie pajamas? Uh, YES PLEASE!) In fact as you’re reading this, I’m probably sitting outside a local retail giant plotting the most direct route to the TV on DVD section. But my crazy shopping shenanigans aside, today is a wonderful day for another reason.

Ladies and gentlemen…today is LEFTOVER FRIDAY.  Let me explain.

I was born into a small family that seemingly neglected the traditional Thanksgiving. The cook in the house preferred chicken. I never knew how “sweet” potatoes could actually be, since mashed was the ONLY option.  And pumpkin? Well, THAT was never a pie choice in my household. All my life, I grew up hating that one day in November where I would long for the so-called bone dry turkey that I was never allowed. It was like my forbidden fruit. All that changed when I turned 18.

It has nothing to do with me being a legal adult, it just happens to be when I met one of my best friends.

A few months after we met, we were talking about my T-day plans, and when I mentioned the rather lackluster dining experience, she offered me a solution. “Just come to Leftover Friday,” she said. I stared at her inquisitively and she explained. “We always have so many turkey leftovers that my family comes back over, my mom makes another turkey and we all just eat…again.”

I’m fairly certain, I had to bite back some tears when I got this invitation. I, of course, went and have been going every year since then. Leftover Friday is the best day ever. And like I said, TODAY is Leftover Friday!

Of course, for some people having a second Thanksgiving dinner is a little excessive.  Some people don’t have as many turkey leftovers as her family does, nor do they have a turkey-deprived interloper who will attack at the first whiff of some gravy. So then the question remains, what to do with the leftovers?

Why not, in the words of food guru Emeril Lagasse, “kick it up a notch!” You can use PCHSearch&Win to find ALL sorts of awesome recipes and ideas for how to rid yourself of the leftover bird. You can always pair it with a new side dish for a different dinner. You can make some soup. You’ve got more options than the standard turkey sandwich!  (However, I am not disrespecting the magnitude of the leftover turkey sandwich.)

Plus, using PCHSearch&Win will give you the chance to win great prizes! I mean really, where else can you be researching what to do with leftover turnips and instantly win cash or other great prizes?

So happy eating searchers, and if anyone still has questions about what to do with their leftovers…I’ll be happy to help! 🙂

Sarah S.

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    I need to far I can help kids that don’t have any thing far christmas

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    Hope your leftover Friday was wonderful.

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    That’s awesome we started leftover Friday

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    That’s awesome we started leftover Friday because of this post. Hope your leftover Friday was wonderful.

  6. jose says:

    I just. Like the mashpotatoes an the stuffin LOL

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    I love Holiday!

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