How Do You Give Back During The Holiday Season?

Many people feel being blessed means having their needs met and being able to give back to others in need.

We all have our own way to give back to our community, especially during the holiday season.

My favorite way to give back is by dropping dollars into Salvation Army Red Kettles. It’s so easy. It takes less than five seconds. And I know the money is being put to good use.

Kathleen says her church provides the perfect opportunity to give back during the holiday season:

“At Christmastime, my parish has baskets in the front of the church filled with gift suggestions that would help those in our community. Parishioners are encouraged to take a request from the basket (in an amount they are able to afford) and return it before Christmas.”

Elaina R. found this wonderful way to bring happiness during the holidays:

“One thing my children and I enjoy doing is making a “shoebox” for Operation Christmas Child. You take an ordinary shoebox, wrap it, fill it with small gifts, hard candy and even toiletry items. These boxes get sent all over the world, and might be the only present a needy child gets all year — or ever.”

Many people simply don’t know HOW they can give back. Which charitable organization should they choose? Thank goodness, PCHSearch&Win can provide real help assisting folks on finding the right organization for them.

After a quick PCHSearch&Win search, I found information about lots of charities, including Toys For Tots. The mission of U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys For Tots Program: To collect new, unwrapped toys during November and December each year and distribute those toys to needy children in the community.

 The Secret To Success For Spreading Cheer During The Holiday Season!

 Are you ready for the secret for doing a good deed and changing the world? Here it is: You don’t have to change the world. One small act of kindness can do wonders. One dollar in a Salvation Army Red Kettle can do so much! One toy donated can help brighten the holiday. A donated can of soup will feed someone who’s hungry. Can you imagine if every person in this country donated one can of soup or donated one toy or article of clothing?

 “Searching” For A Way To Make A Difference?

 It only takes a moment to visit PCHSearch&Win to look for a way to make a difference . And — best yet — your search alone could make a difference. Comment below and tell us of a worthy charity or cause that your search uncovers. Your comment could very well inspire someone else to perform a small act of kindness that can brighten someone’s day!

Best Wishes,

Elliott M.

P.S. When you search today, you’ll be entered for a PCH SuperPrize®! Imagine how you could give back if you were a PCH millionaire!

4 thoughts on “How Do You Give Back During The Holiday Season?”

  1. says:

    ooa week my hubby

  2. says:

    We have been having to cut back all the time just to save our home.

  3. says:

    if I don’t win the 7000.ooa week my hubby and I are thankful that we have GOD

  4. carolyn steadham says:

    even if I don’t win the 7000.ooa week my hubby and I are thankful that we have GOD and each other. We have been having to cut back all the time just to save our home. He has been iut of work for 6 yearsa and I am disabled. We don’t live on the gov. system for anything. We just cut back . No ac is used ,cooking is light we go only when we have to go to a doctor.and pick up a few groceries. As long s we are together we are rick. GOD and our love for each other keeps us going.
    thank you for reading this,
    carolyn steadham

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