Don’t Know What To Get? PCHSearch Makes Giving Gifts Easy!

You know the phrase, “What do you get for the person that has everything?” Well, I’d like to pose a similar question to whoever came up with that one.

“What do you get for the person that you know nothing about?”

I know what you’re thinking. Why on earth would you be giving gifts to someone that you don’t know? Well I’ve got two words to answer that question and they are the topic of this blog:

Secret Santa.

The annual tradition of a bunch of names being thrown into a hat and drawn at random is one that strikes fear in the hearts of more people that care to admit it.

I normally have no problem with this tradition, which I participate in every year with my friends. But as we’ve gotten older, our tiny circle has now expanded to include significant others. And while there’s nothing wrong with this, it does pose a problem when it comes to the annual name drawing. I find myself crouching in terror hoping I don’t get one of them simply because…I don’t know them…and thus, don’t know what to get them!

Well, that’s exactly what happened this year. I got my lovely email and the name inside was a relatively brand new addition to our group. Now, I could have easily reached out to his girlfriend and asked what he would like, but that completely takes the “secret” out of “Secret Santa!” I knew I had to go it alone.

Luckily, there was PCHSearch&Win. Being that it is a handy dandy search engine with results provided by such well know experts as Google and Yahoo, I knew I could trust what I found there. So here’s how it worked:

First I typed “gifts for guys” into PCHSearch. Yes, I know it was vague. But I went with what I knew and really that was about all I knew.

There were some pretty interesting results, including a ton of sports or electronic related things, but I was still lost. What was his favorite sports team? I didn’t know. Was he an electronics fan? Beats me.

Then I tried “cool gifts for guys.” This was where I got sucked down into the results. I clicked on nearly every link and finally found a website selling a ticket stub diary…a little case where you put all your ticket stubs! Eureka! I remembered that on their first date, they’d gone to a concert together. This would be an awesome gift. But I wasn’t in love with the price…so back to PCHSearch I went!

I typed in “Ticket stub holder” and got more results. Clicking on a link for a “ticket stub album” I finally found one that I liked that was within the price range we all had for Secret Santa.

Check that off the list! Secret Santa accomplished and all thanks to PCHSearch&Win!

Sarah S.
PCH Social Media

P.S. Who’s the person on YOUR list that you never know what to get? Have you tried to use PCHSearch to get some fun gift giving ideas of your own? Comment below and let us know!

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    i’m going through this now

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  3. Marcia Turpin says:

    Omg i’m going through this now, i have a few secret santa’s and still don’t know:( AND CHRISTMAS IS JUST DAYS AWAY. ((AAHHHHHH))!!!

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