Old and New…Holiday Traditions Are Alive on PCHSearch&Win!

Hey Friends and Fans,

When you’re young, the holidays are always a magical time of year — naturally, the extent of the term “holiday traditions” doesn’t extend past frenziedly ripping open gifts to reveal something really exciting…or, sometimes, something not so exciting — like socks.

There is no right or wrong way to celebrate the holidays and, undoubtedly, each family or group of friends has their own unique holiday traditions…old and new…the real trick is keeping them alive throughout the years. I can clearly recall waking up each Christmas — between the ages of 8 and, oh, 17, I’d say — to the delectable aroma of my mom’s homemade brioche French toast. Admittedly, there were a couple years when my brother and I would, in turn, wake our mother up, as we ran down the stairs together at dawn to gawk at all of the presents in amazement.

“I bet that one’s mine!” one of us would invariably say while pointing to the biggest box.

Now that I’ve gotten older, the holidays have taken on a much different meaning. No longer do I care if the biggest present is mine (well, maybe just a little bit) — being around a family that is healthy and happy is, perhaps, the greatest gift of all!

If you’re looking to start some of your own holiday traditions, then look no further than PCHSearch. Whether you’re looking to incorporate a yummy new recipe into the holiday feast or just a better way to stay in touch with long-distance friends and family, ideas are abound on PCHSearch with a simple click of a mouse. Plus, you can make your spirit bright by earning an automatic sweepstakes entry on your first logged-in search.

So, how do you celebrate the holidays? Comment below with some of your favorite holiday traditions, old and new…or some that you’d like to try!

Happy Holidays!

Jussie Wilder

8 thoughts on “Old and New…Holiday Traditions Are Alive on PCHSearch&Win!”

  1. says:

    munth’s apart I had went

  2. says:

    I love Christmas an looking at Xmas trees

  3. shawna Golleher says:

    I have always had bad holidays they have been since I was 21 but my parents died by around that time we can 15 munth’s apart I had went homeless with and a lot of things have happened since then the holidays been pretty bad since the i always wanted to something for the troops on the holidays I’m not sure what to make much money I can’t do a whole lot maybe unknown what areas I can do that I didn’t even researched it I know the other people after that you do things like that for ethem and I and maybe I can pitch in doing something like that and a least that’s what I would like to do because I’m gone can I don’t have anybody cue for you for me to do for a surprise me know my niece and nephew in and you’re wrong with saying I really don’t get to see them in my son I’ll get to see him so they want nobody let me see the kids

  4. Marcia Turpin says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is watching the old christmas cartoons and movies with the family.

  5. WOODS DINA says:


  6. jose says:

    I love Christmas an looking at Xmas trees full of candy an lites.

  7. LorettAbutler says:

    My favorite hoilday tradition,is watching the faces of family memebers opening there gifts!

  8. Amanda C. Amanda C. says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is baking cookies! MMMM 🙂

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