Get In On The “Ugly” Sweater Tradition With PCHSearch&Win!

What you wear says so much during the holiday season.

And nothing says more than the time-honored tradition of the “ugly” sweater. Why are these sweaters so cherished during the holiday season? Maybe because they spread what’s so desperately needed: happiness, cheer, smiles and goodwill.

Do YOU own an ugly Christmas sweater? If you do, are you like many out there, who don’t think your holiday sweater is ugly at all? (I know mine is far from ugly!)

I mean really… how do you tell if your holiday sweater is ugly or not? Well, PCHSearch&Win can help! A quick search provided me with these telltale signs of an “ugly” sweater:

  • A liberal use of red and green
  • Comically large depictions of snowmen, reindeer or Christmas trees
  • Any sort of pom-poms or felt appliqué

And if the sweater needs a power source, like batteries, you can bet it’s “ugly”! 🙂

Who Made The Holiday Sweater Tradition So Popular?

Are ugly holiday sweaters popular? You bet! In fact, with a look on PCHSearch&Win, I found that searches for “ugly Christmas sweater” are up 30%. It took America’s most beloved comic actor, Bill Cosby, to make the “ugly” holiday sweater so popular. His number one television hit, The Cosby Show, made him a modern-day pioneer of the trend and made him revered as an “ugly sweater” icon.

PCHers Are Getting In On The Sweater Trend!

Always up for some fun, we PCHers decided to show off our finest holiday style the other day. What do you think? Which sweater do YOU like the best? Comment below and vote for your favorite!

How Can YOU Get In On Ugly Christmas Sweater Fun?

The best place to get in on the fun is PCHSearch&Win! Search now and you can get great results on where to buy the iconic Christmas sweater or how to throw an UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER party.

Happy Holidays!

Elliott M.

P.S. All this holiday sweater fun inspired me to put a PCH spin on a classic poem. I hope you like it!!!!

‘Twas just days before Santa, when all through the HOUSE
The big boss, Deborah was clicking her mouse.
Each prize must excite, Deborah exclaimed with a smile,
Every chance to win created with smarts, wit and style.

Write, Laurel! Draw, Bobby! Deborah inspired with grins!
Edit ‘Manda! You, too, ‘Laina! It’s time someone wins!
Prizes Exciting! Prizes Galore!
The Prize Patrol is prepared to knock on your door!
With “Big Check” in hand! A Winning Moment Without Hitch!
Prize Patrol! Prize Patrol! Make someone rich!


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