The Holidays Are Here — Don’t Panic! Just Search…and Win!

Wow can you believe the holidays are here already?! We know it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the chaos that comes hand-in-hand with this time of year.  We’ve all been there; remembering the night before that you’ve forgotten a gift for an extended family member, realizing a few overlooked preparations right before it’s too late, or just taking a depressing look at what’s left of your checking account after the frenzy of holiday shopping.

But don’t panic! Luckily for you, PCHSearch&Win can help ease all of the holiday stress by providing you with tips and information to help you through the season.Plus, searching gives you a chance to win prizes instantly every single day of the week! Chances are, you’ve already bought gifts for all the important people in your life — so here’s your chance to win a little something all for YOURSELF! Perhaps a little cash to soften the blow of all that holiday spending on your bank account! Or, maybe you haven’t finished your shopping and are looking for a belated holiday gift…hey, it’s the thought that counts!

So let’s get to it! Here’s the list of all the amazing prizes that will be available throughout the week. Take a look!

Monday, December 24th: Know any bookworms? A Barnes & Noble gift card would be perfect for them, and we’re awarding 25 today!

Tuesday, December 25th: Cash prizes will be given out all day long to 25 lucky searchers!

Wednesday, December 26th: Here’s a day you don’t want to miss! Amazing gift cards will be awarded including: $500.00 to Apple, Travelocity, or Home Depot; Five $100.00 American Express gift cards and five $100.00 Itunes gift cards.  Not to mention a 46″ LED HDTV and a $1,000.00 cash giveaway!

Thursday, December 27th: Five $100.00 Ikea gift cards will be awarded — perfect for anyone looking for some new furniture!

Friday, December 28th: $50.00 gift cards to TJ Maxx will be awarded to five lucky searchers!

Saturday, December 29th: Win some of that shopping money back! Five $100.00 cash prizes will be awarded!

Sunday, December 30th: If you haven’t won by Sunday, don’t be discouraged, every sixty minutes brings new hope, as PCHSearch&Win will have a WINNER EVERY HOUR!

So don’t panic that the holidays are here! Just search and you could “win” back your peace of mind!

Good Luck and Happy Holidays Everyone!

Nick P.
PCH Social Media

4 thoughts on “The Holidays Are Here — Don’t Panic! Just Search…and Win!”

  1. says:

    hope on this day u have

  2. says:

    Seasons greeting to everyone hope on this day

  3. says:

    Thank u god for blessing us with love and joy which means so much.!!!

  4. Christina Green says:

    Seasons greeting to everyone hope on this day u have lots and lots of fun!Enjoy your family under the tree with lots of gifts and not to much to eat.I love u guys for making dreams come true and one day our win and it would help me move.Thank u god for blessing us with love and joy which means so much.!!!!!!!!Merry Christmas everyone enjoy your day and have lots and lots of fun fun fun!!!!!!!!!

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