You Don’t Always Get What You Want — Except at PCHSearch!

Hello, Searchers!

Just like family gatherings, good food and laughter, gift returns are a natural part of the holiday season. Let’s face it…you don’t always get what you want on the holidays — thankfully, that’s why gift receipts were invented!

As far as shopping is concerned, the day after a major holiday is often times worse than the days before. People frantically searching for that “perfect gift” for their loved one in the days before the holidays turns into people frantically searching for the return line so they can unload their less-than-perfect gift. And there are a slew of reasons to return, too! Wrong size, wrong style, wrong color. While grandma’s heart was in the right place, that shaggy, lime-green sweater adorned with pom-poms just didn’t look quite right on you.

Sure, you can always “re-gift” your unwanted items (just think: one person’s soon-to-be return is another’s treasure), but it’s never a bad idea to go and get what YOU really want, either. Either method is fine, as long as you can mentally keep track of who’s friends with whom — you wouldn’t want to re-gift an item to a mutual friend of yours and the original gift-giver. Embarrassing!

If you do decide to go out and brave the post-holiday return line, prepare yourself! Be sure to check store hours and store return policies. You can search for all of these little tidbits and more by using PCHSearch&Win. PCHSearch can also navigate you to some pretty nice online shopping, just in case you want to buy yourself something new. Whatever you need it for, PCHSearch will come in handy, for sure!

So don’t weep over your unwanted gifts — surely, that shaggy, lime green sweater will fall into the hands of a proud and loving owner…moreover, don’t feel bad if you discover that one of the gifts you’ve given found its way into your local department store’s holiday returns bin — you’ve got another 364 days to think of a better one, and PCHSearch is here to ensure you always get what you want!

Good luck!

Jussie Wilder

9 thoughts on “You Don’t Always Get What You Want — Except at PCHSearch!”

  1. says:

    excepted the WIN IT ALL for June

  2. says:

    I just don’t understand how to play.

  3. Lisa Almazan says:

    I searched and excepted the WIN IT ALL for June 30 2015!

  4. Linda Bailey says:

    I just don’t understand how to play. Someone please enlighten me.

    1. Jussie At PCH Jussie At PCH says:

      Hi Linda, all you have to do is search!

  5. stephaniedelaney says:

    Its always exciting with the Pch search and win

  6. wright place to win... says:

    i hope this is true in todays blog,i have been searching for a life fulfilled and no more major worries and so far………i hope i made a difference in here somewhere i hope my blessings are around the corner and knocking on this door to free me of the cards dealt to me in life so i can make it better for myself and family to move on and into my own home and life,tired of being held down and away of what i need and want in life.where are my opportunities and priviledges?

  7. Vanessa LaJuan Taylor says:

    I have never won anything in my life, so I thought I would try this, because I need some Luck in my life since my husband has died. I need a home I live in a small camper behind my brothers house and I need something to call mine. Please God help me with a little Luck just this one time.

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