Start the New Year As A Winner Of One of Our Big Cash Prizes!

The holiday season is coming to a close, and the winding down of all the festivities can have a lot a different meanings depending on how everything turned out.  First and foremost, we should all be grateful for any time that was spent with the people we love; we should also be thankful for any gifts we may have received this year.

But…I know we’ve all received a few gifts each year that we may not quite have a use for .  Perhaps you didn’t get exactly what is was you wanted, or maybe your shopping has left you a little strapped for cash with bills still needing to be paid.

For all of these problems there is one solution…PCHSearch&Win! That’s right, it’s time for Prizefest!  This week we’re going to start the new year by giving away plenty of prizes we’re sure you can put to good use, not to mention tons of instant big cash giveaways that you can use to get what it was you really wanted this year…or just to help pay off some of those upcoming bills. Just search for your chance to win. It’s that easy!

Whatever you needs may be, we have the prizes here to help you meet them! Check them out below!

Monday, December 31st: Our $500.00 cash giveaway can really help to reduce the post-holiday stress.

Tuesday, January 1st: Didn’t win the cash on Monday?  Get a fresh start with another chance for $500.00 on New Year’s Day!

Wednesday, January 2nd: Put one of our fifteen $10.00 CVS gift cards to good use this Wednesday!

Thursday, January 3rd: The cash just keeps coming! Come away with one of our Cash Prizes which include: ten $25.00, ten $50.00, six $75.00, four $100.00, and one $500.00!

Friday, January 4th: Win big cash — $1,000.00! It’s our biggest prize of the week!

Saturday, January 5th: A $500.00 gift card from the Home Depot can help fix up damages to the house after any holiday mayhem.

Sunday, January 6th: Maybe you need to get away and forget about the holidays.  Our $500.00 Travelocity gift card could do the trick!

So don’t just sit around.  Search while you’re sitting around to start the New Year a BIG CASH WINNER!

Good Luck and have a Happy New Year!

Nick P.

20 thoughts on “Start the New Year As A Winner Of One of Our Big Cash Prizes!”

  1. says:

    plus 2,500.0 a wek for life

  2. says:

    win 100,000.00 cash

  3. says:

    crunching numbers

  4. hello pch and yes i would like to win 100,000.00 cash plus 2,500.0 a wek for life plus 25,000.00 makeover

  5. says:

    i would like to win 25,000.00 cash

  6. says:

    why is it when I search it goes back to search again??

  7. Babette says:

    How do I claim my winning number from publisher clearing house

  8. judith Grantham says:

    Hi PCH Staff, why is it when I search it goes back to search again?? I’ve tried to search 8 times in a row and it how’s right back to search!! I don’t get it!!! HELP!!!!!

  9. Beverly Whitfield says:

    I’ve been trying to enter for weeks, but congratulations to those who did win!

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