Chances To Win Never Stop with PCHSearch&Win!

The exchanging of gifts has come to a halt, and the holiday buzz is winding down.  Lawn decorations are beginning to be turned off, deflated, taken apart, and stored away for next year.  Trees are being taken down and 2012 glasses put aside; the excitement of the holiday season is reaching its end and everyone has returned to work and is back into their daily routine.

Just because the holiday season is coming to an end, doesn’t mean your chances to win big prizes such as gift cards, electronics, and cash has to stop as well.  Luckily for you, chances to win with PCH never stop!  You can use PCHSearch&Win for any of your research needs, while also giving yourself a chance to win all sorts of prizes.

Today is Prizefest, so take a look below at all of the great prizes that we will be giving away all week!

Monday, January 7th:  With a winner every hour, the only better chance you’ll have to win is 7pm, when there will be a Cash winner every 15 minutes!

Tuesday, January 8th: Be one of our five lucky recipients of a $100 Sports Authority gift card.

Wednesday, January 9th: Search and receive one of five $100 American Express gift cards!

Thursday, January 10th: Get lucky and navigate your way to a brand new GPS!

 Friday, January 11th: Decorate your home with the furniture you can purchase with one of five $100 Ikea gift cards.

Saturday, January 12th: On the twelfth, ten lucky searches will walk away with $100 cash!

Sunday, January 13th: Game on! Someone will definitely win a brand-new Nintento Wii!

So don’t let the end of the holiday season be the end of your chances to win great gifts.  Get out there, search, and maybe you could win!

Good Luck Everyone!

Nick P.


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