Say Goodbye To Monday Blues & Hello To PCHSearch&Win!

Well, it’s Monday again.  Back to work.  Back to reality.  Back to the daily grind and routine of the weekdays.  For some, Monday means the beginning of a long and dreaded work-week that lies ahead.  Monday means looking for some kind of distraction, bright spot, or escape  from these miserable Monday thoughts.

There’s just one word for those of you who can relate to all of these Monday blues…Prizefest!  With PCHSearch&Win, Monday means Prizefest, the day we announce all of our instant prizes for the entire week! Instead of dreading the days ahead, embrace them with the possibility of winning with PCH.  Take a look at all of the prizes for the upcoming week, as we look to give away new and exciting prizes every day!

Monday, January 14th: Five lucky searchers will come away with a $100 gift card to eBay!

Tuesday, January 15th: Here’s a day you certainly don’t want to miss, as there will be 10 $25 cash prizes, 5 $50 cash prizes, 4 $75 cash prizes, 4 $100 cash prizes and 2 $250 cash prizes! PLUS from 4pm to 7pm, there will be a Cash Winner every 15 minutes!

Wednesday, January 16th: Be one of five searchers to win a $100 Macy’s gift card!

Thursday, January 17th: Somebody will come away with $1,000 Cash on Thursday!

Friday, January 18th: Ten searchers will receive $25 gift cards towards JCPenney!

Saturday, January 19th: Looking for a new laptop? Today could be your lucky day as we are giving away a brand new Dell Laptop!

Sunday, January 20th: Anybody who could use some extra cash may want to search their way into winning one of ten $50 Cash Prizes.

So stop dreading Monday as the beginning of a dreary week of the same old routine.  Say goodbye to those Monday blues and hello to Prizefest, and all of the exciting new instant prizes that could be just one search away from being yours!

Good Luck Everyone,

Nick P.

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8 thoughts on “Say Goodbye To Monday Blues & Hello To PCHSearch&Win!”

  1. says:

    See you at the dentist today!

  2. Entered to win it. See you at the dentist today! hahahahahahahaha Superfan Ramona Hawthorne

  3. says:

    what we all need to get this week started…..thanks!!!!!!

  4. carla michelle Antee says:

    Today Hello to win

  5. I can’t. Say we don’t need it because God knows we could but I just hope someone like us could win. Maybe they would do as I would and give each day to those arround me now that could use help too.

  6. Denese Garrett Braden says:

    Finally something to look forward to!!

  7. WOODS DINA says:

    I feel better already….one teaspoon of winning,is what we all need to get this week started…..thanks!!!!!!

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