Life Moves Fast! Take A Break With PCHSearch&Win’s Instant Win Prizes!


January 28th? Already? Just three days until the first month of the year is already behind us and I don’t know about everyone else, but I feel the need to get up and just yell “SLOW DOWN!!” to the world around me.

Unfortunately, this really wouldn’t do anything more than startle, confuse, and quite possibly irritate anyone within earshot of me.  And so it goes, I must sit silently, helplessly; speculating as Father Time continues rolling the constantly growing snowball, relentlessly racing down the mountain of life.

Face it: life moves fast! If only there was some sort of distraction from this rapid pace of life…something exciting and fun.  Or better yet, what if there was something that could help deal with and manage this pace.  Something like…I don’t know, a prize, or prizes. No, wait cash. NO, WAIT, BOTH! If only there was a day when someone would announce prizes and cash and give them away throughout the week…

Wait a minute.  I’m receiving word that someone does do this, and that this day does indeed exist. What’s that? OH YES! OF COURSE! PCHSearch&Win’s PRIZEFEST! Plenty of instant win prizes will be awarded to plenty of searchers all week long!  The giveaways seem to be coming at a pace that Father Time himself cannot even keep up with!

Let’s see what will be in this week’s list of instant win goodies:

Monday, January 28th:  Five lucky searchers will come away with $50.00 TJ Maxx gift cards!

Tuesday, January 29th:  $100.00 in Cash will find its way into the pockets of five searchers!

Wednesday, January 30th:  Here’s a big day you don’t want to miss! $500.00 Cash is going to end up with someone! Why not you?

Thursday, January 31st:  With a winner every hour, there’s more than enough incentive to keep on searching diligently!

Friday, February 1st:  Here comes the Wheel of Cash! We’re unloading tons of cash to searchers to kick of February including: $25.00 Cash Prizes, $75.00 prizes, $100.00 prizes, and a BIG $500.00 CASH PRIZE!

Saturday, February 2nd:  Fifteen searchers will be awarded gift cards from CVS!

Sunday, February 3rd:  $500.00 Cash is going to be awarded…again!

So don’t let the fast pace of life get the best of you! Search away for your chance to win some great prizes and some big bucks!

Until next time searchers!

Nick P.

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