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  1. Rita M. Eddy says:

    I may have my comments in the wrong colum. I am Rita M. Eddy, it appears as though I was suppose to be
    making these comments in the space above. I do not know how this happened. I do not usually write in these places. Sorry.

    Hello, PCH crew and everyone else out there who is wishing for the big win. I also have never won anything big in my life. I won $7.OO at my Red Hat meeting. : )
    WOW. I am barely making ends meet. I have to pay a lot of Rent like most people, it makes a big dent in my Social Security income. My daughter and Husband had to take out a loan on their house in order for me to purchase the place that I am living in. Her husband will be retiring soon. It will put a bind on them to Retire with this large balance on their house. It makes me feel bad for them. I would like to give back and help them out should I be fortunate enough to win. I would like to see them pay off their loan , then it would be nice if we could sell their place and mine, then purchase a place where
    they could have their horses on the same property so they do not have fo pay someone to board them.

    It would be nice to walk out their door and the horses would only be a few feet away from them, I would like to have a place close to where they live. I would also like to give back, if I am a big winner. I would give to several deserving charities. I would also be glad to finally meet the crew of PCH. : ) .


    Rita M. Eddy : )

  2. Debra Enfinger says:

    This is a smart Owel. Just found him and now he is every where. What is the answer to is problem.

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