Celebrate The Month of Love With PCHSearch&Win!


Searchers, I don’t know if you’re aware of it, but the month of love has arrived. It quietly snuck in under the radar, but got increasingly more apparent as the past days have gone on. Think about it, you’ve seen the signs. All of a sudden, there are more commercials for florists than there usually are, aren’t there? And maybe you’ve noticed those tiny little chalk tasting heart candies sitting in bowls on your co-workers desks. Look around…more things are pink and red, aren’t they?

Yes, February is the month in which Cupid aims his arrow and sets his sights on all those lovers. And this is something I think I have always had a problem with. I’ve always felt like it truly takes two to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It just kind of irks me. Why can’t I (not we) celebrate the things that I love? So this is my challenge to you! Whether you’re happily immersed in coupledom or living the single life, the month of love is something that everyone can enjoy. This February, I encourage you all to celebrate ALL of the things you love, in addition to anyone you love! Here are some examples:

You can order an extra large pepperoni and celebrate your love of pizza.

You can sit down and have a marathon of episodes to celebrate your love of your favorite TV show

You can head to the gym and celebrate your love of the treadmill. (Someone out there must love exercise!)

You can spend some extra time snuggling with those kitties and puppies! After all who doesn’t love their pets?

There are so many different ways to celebrate the month of love and guess what? PCHSearch&Win is here to help! Remember that pizza that I mentioned? Why not search for a recipe for how to make it! You can search for information about your favorite TV show, and maybe find out some spoilers about what’s going to happen to your favorite characters. If you don’t love exercise, maybe you can search for some ways to make it more enjoyable. And the best part is, all those searches can enter you for chances to win!

Because really, who doesn’t LOVE winning?

Sarah S.
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16 thoughts on “Celebrate The Month of Love With PCHSearch&Win!”

  1. says:

    ten million Gwy No 4900

  2. carla m Antee says:

    Yes African safari

  3. Paula says:

    I just love the whole Idea of love …..
    And wish everyone would just be a little bit more loving to each other…
    OH and of coarse I LOVE PCH ….

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