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  1. Lenore says:

    I want to be in It to WIN It!!!!

  2. Lenore says:

    Up up And away we go”””””

    1. Lenore says:


  3. Well, thank so much for all of yours and ….!

  4. Hi im Amilcar Munoz. Im poor but not that poor. I been in good times n bad times but rhats life. Well im here to say that im thankful that im still alive in this earth that god gave to us all. I know that theres mad ppl that join pch like me cause of the money that we all want to win on april 30 2013. I would love to win but i dont want to be despered about it to much cause to many ppl playing n im not trying to put my hopes to high up cause u never know if ur going to win or not. I rather be calm nwait till the day to come. But theres something u need to accoplish to be a winner n thats wat pch is looking for in here. Dont pray to god so u can win cause dats not his job. He already did his job n gave up this earth to live in n fromvthere is all up to u. Me im thankful to be alive n living in this earth n thanful to be here on pch too. Well i said wat i had to say plus good luck to everybody n including me. So im going to say thanx for reading my thoughts n god bless u all bye

  5. I have been searching on pchsearch&win and i got a email from pch that if i dont search i will not be on the list of the winning day for April 30. If i wont be on the list then i guess ill say gudbye and atleast i try. From Amilxar Munoz (A. M.)

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi Amilcar, the email message that you received is referring only to the entry opportunity contained in that email. All of your other timely entries are valid and will remain valid even if you don’t respond to the email. This email is simply offering you another winning opportunity.

      – Jussie W. at PCH

  6. Ramona Gail Lilley says:

    a wonderful chance to win & play fun games!

  7. debra hammons says:

    This is what we want to be a winner

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