The Many Looks Of PCHSearch&Win’s Mascot — Edwin!

Every team needs a mascot and the folks at PCHSearch&Win “unhatched” a great one with Edwin, The Owl.

We love Edwin, PCHSearch&Win’s adorable mascot, so much that we have created a poster to commemorate his favorite looks!


WOW! He sure has a LOT of them! My personal favorite has to be Edwin as a SUPERHERO (check out the fourth row all the way to left!) After all, he is PCHSearch&Win’s hero who helps bring important information and cool prizes to folks all across America! And who wouldn’t love a cape like that?!?

But there sure is some stiff competition. I mean Edwin also makes a very noble King, a handsome sailor – and I’m sure he sent hearts aflutter with his Cupid costume. So tell me — which of Edwin’s many looks is YOUR favorite – and why??

Why Does Edwin Like To Dress For The Occasion?

Because he LOVES to, of course! Nobody has more team spirit than Edwin! He’s also a strong believer that special days deserve special recognition…and what better way to do that than with unique costumes? His spooky ghost costume was perfect for Halloween…and he really spread Christmas Cheer when he dressed up as Santa…but I have to say, I still think I made the Best Turkey in our Thanksgiving Day Showdown (no offense little dude!)

Want To See More Of Edwin?

It’s easy. Visit PCHSearch&Win and search for information you need. When you get your search results, you’ll often see Edwin giving you friendly tips. Plus, folks who receive our PCHSearch&Win daily notices will sometimes see Edwin providing helpful tips. And, of course, keep reading this PCHSearch&Win Blog since Edwin often makes special guest star appearances.

Where will Edwin turn up next? Keep your eyes peeled. And remember that PCHSearch is the place to go to search and learn while you go for life-changing fortunes and exciting Instant Prizes!

Never Stop Searching,

Elliott M.

P.S. What would YOU like to see Edwin dress up as NEXT? Comment below!

66 thoughts on “The Many Looks Of PCHSearch&Win’s Mascot — Edwin!”

  1. says:

    has been a fun it

  2. Teresa Johnson says:

    The many looks Edwin the pch owl has been a fun it makes pch search & win fun!

  3. I enjoy the games pch.provides and many of the products they advertise is already in use in my home. at 75 years old i am a happy camper and gamer. i would like to win, if not, i can say i gave it my best shot. i like to thank pch. for providing games everyone can enjoy. like in star wars, may the Force be with pch and those that play the game. enjoy the rest of you life, amen.

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