7 thoughts on “SW_2_15_Presidents”

  1. I think I am getting how to use this contest. I enjoy playing the games and I sometimes am interested in buying somethings.

  2. Dorla Castro says:

    I finally got through to search and win and I do enjoy it.

  3. Kenneth Alexander says:

    How lucky can lucky be

  4. Everytthing is just great, just searching.

  5. betty kline says:

    yes i love all of pch contest to win& if do not play u will not win i have enter of& on since way back in 60’s when we lived in rolla mo.

  6. The most important thing in life is your family.You show them love then nothing else matters. It helps when you can give them money to buy a home. I have 2 boys and they are both on their own. I love them and they love me. The only thing we do not have is any money at all do to anything or go anywhere special.I need a car to go t doctors. I need help with my disease. I rally want to be in a better home.I would love my Mother to come live with me or be ble to give her a home.I am sick of being sick but I make the best of it daily.Ilove my charity page. It makes me feel like a purpose in life since i cannot volunteer anywhere. I pray everyday hoping to see thePrize Patrol come to my home on the 28th,but the chances are way to slim so I have to just go on. Thanks for ll the fun I had with the games and searches that made me crazy some days. I havemad alot of purchases and I am pretty sue everything is paid up. I just ordered a necklace for my Mother.Well, all I can do is it and wish.Hoping to see you all soon,Theresa

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