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If this weather is beginning to bum you out, keep your chin up, because spring anxiously awaits around the corner.  Soon we’ll feel the warm spring air, hear the birds sing once more, and see the flowers bloom again.  With all of the beautiful imagery that comes with spring, it also will bring the excitement of not just any new season, but baseball season!

That’s right! With Spring Training already under way, you can start to smell the approach of Opening Day.  It’s a new season, which means a fresh start for any and all teams you happen to hold close to your heart.  Keep in mind as you watch the first pitch of the year, it’s a fresh start not just for baseball and spring, but for PCHSearch&Win members everywhere.

In the spirit of spring, let your hope of winning be reborn.  Don’t get down on yourself if you’ve struck out a few times before, because you have plenty of Online Sweepstakes opportunities ahead of you.  Your new season starts today!  Lace up those cleats, put your helmet on, and step up in that batter’s box.  Pick up that bat, keep your eye on the ball, and swing away at all of the fantastic prizes PCHSearch&Win has to offer!  If you don’t give up and just keep on swinging, maybe you’ll connect.  You can never get a hit if you don’t swing the bat, and you can never win if you don’t play.

Perhaps you’ll get a nice single or base-hit, the equivalent, I’d say of winning a gift card or small cash prize.  Maybe you’ll really connect and smack one in the gap for a double, probably similar to winning a GPS, Amazon Kindle, or a Laptop.  Now you’ve got the confidence to swing for the fences and you really get a hold of one…

Your swing connects. It’s a high drive, deep to left field…going…going… IT’S OUTTA HERE!! A Home-Run! $1,000.00 Fast Cash! A $1,000,000.00 Big Check from PCH!  The possibilities are endless! Imagine rounding the bases and as you cross home plate you are handed the Big Check, your teammates (or family) pop the celebratory champagne and the roaring crowd is brought to their feet.  And all it took was the courage to swing, to make a simple search.  Just think: Online Sweepstakes prizes and cash could be only one search away…all you have to do is take a swing.

So what are you waiting for?

Nick P.

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P.S. What baseball team do you root for? Comment below!

49 thoughts on “Take A Swing At Winning Online Sweepstakes With PCHSearch&Win!”

  1. Margarette Smith says:

    Becoming PCH winner will guarantee that my grandchildren n will have a much better life of education and travel and to eat the best .And become so skilled in many way service..

  2. says:

    reward would be great

  3. says:

    swing at ten million

  4. says:

    I want to take another swing at ten million

  5. carol outman says:

    opening day reward would be great God Bless

  6. Carla M Antee says:

    Another swing at ten million Gwy No 4900

  7. Chris Rand says:

    Being selected as a PCH winner would be amazing!!!

  8. Dawn Hubbard says:

    I’ve never won anything but, I’d love to be a pch winner.

  9. Leah Fletcher says:

    Pittsburgh Pirates!!! ZOLTAN!

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