Spring Is Here! And So Is PCHSearch&Win!


Dear Spring…

Hey…hey there lil guy. It’s okay, there’s nothing to be scared of…you can come out now. After all, this is YOUR day. Today is the first day of you, and trust me, NO ONE is happier about that than I am. I know you were supposed to be here a little earlier, according to that rodent with the meteorology degree that’s afraid of his own shadow, but it’s okay. That mean, old winter  was such a bully to you, with his horrible snowstorms and freezing cold temperatures. Let’s make him go away, shall we? You and me! We can do this together. Need an ego boost Spring? I got your back!

You see, I headed over to PCHSearch&Win  and looked up all the things that people love about you! People are SO excited for the warm weather that you’re going to bring, and the flowers that you are going to cause to bloom! I myself am looking forward to trading my horribly unattractive rain boots for some awesome open toed heels. And wouldn’t you know, I found some great spring fashion deals on PCHSearch, too!

But there’s more than just the warm weather that people are excited about! Awesome spring events like Easter egg hunts  and picnics are ready to be had, but they need you first, Spring. People are heading to PCHfrontpage right now to look up local events and they’re counting on your beautiful season to make sure they have a wonderful time!

And you know the saying about April showers…well, here at PCH that means something different to us! You see, on April 30th, we’re planning to shower someone with CASH! And wouldn’t it be lovely if the Prize Patrol could do that with some warm weather? I personally think that would be amazing.

Spring, don’t think that this love letter is being brought to you by the fact that yesterday I woke up and ONCE AGAIN had to dig out my car. That’s not it. Well, that’s part of it, but that’s not the only reason! I love you Spring…I do…and I’m SO ready for you.

So bring it on already, OK? I got your back!


Sarah S.
Social Media

P.S. Who else is as excited as I am that SPRING IS HERE! Comment below and tell me what YOUR favorite part of spring is!

25 thoughts on “Spring Is Here! And So Is PCHSearch&Win!”

  1. says:

    wish I get knock a

  2. says:

    It will be my biggest birthday

  3. says:

    wish I get knock at my door said I the winner I hope it will happen

  4. It will be my biggest birthday wish I get knock at my door said I the winner I hope it will happen

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