Tackle Spring Cleaning With PCHSearch&Win!

Hey Searchers! It’s about that time…the flowers are soon to be blooming, the allergies are soon to be kicking in…winter is on its way OUT! (Some of you might know, I hate that blasted season! Personally, I couldn’t be happier about spring’s arrival simply because it means we’re THAT much closer to summer, which happens to be my FAVORITE season.

But before I can get to the season of shorts and tank tops, there’s one thing I have to tackle first: Spring Cleaning.  Seriously, I’ve started early and I’ve just about had it already.

Every spring, like clockwork I get bitten by the cleaning bug. I decide that I absolutely NEED to organize my life, which usually translates to my closet. Every single piece of clothing I own ends up on the floor of my bedroom in one of three piles: keep, donate or toss. The keep pile then gets broken down into several mini piles, some examples of which are below:

“Clothes I wear often and love” pile.

“It fits… I’m not in love with it…but it fits” pile.

“3 – 5 trips to the gym and this will fit” pile

“Who am I kidding, this will never fit me again but MAYBE it will” pile. (Also known as the Delusions of Grandeur pile).

It takes me a good few hours to get through the donate & toss piles, and then inevitably as I begin to tackle the “keep” pile, I lose steam. Eventually, something distracts me and I leave the pile alone till the next day when I have to get up for work and wonder, “Where are my pants?” Like CLOCKWORK. Every spring.

Knowing that I was in store for that this Spring, I headed to PCHSearch&Win to look for organizational tips and found some great ones! I sat down and came up with a plan to easily tackle my closet dilemma, and I can safely say that all my clothes are put away exactly where they belong!

So if you’ve got questions about how to best approach YOUR spring cleaning, or any other project you want to tackle, try searching on PCHSearch&Win. You will find all the answers you need, and who knows maybe you’ll even become an instant winner!

Happy Cleaning, Searchers!

Sarah S.
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19 thoughts on “Tackle Spring Cleaning With PCHSearch&Win!”

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    because I will be starting

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    I will be starting it up & it looks sooo big to handle

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    I have no way of searching.

  4. Ruth. Durham says:

    This was help for me because I will be starting it up & it looks sooo big to handle so 3 piles I will start with ok thanks a lot

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  7. I have no way of searching. If you typy in your name you get some thing like other people with your name. I called your office and whoever spoke to me had no clue what I was talking about and not helpful at all

  8. Leticia Bibo says:

    Leticia Bibo Said…
    3 entries to win an $5,000.00 cash prize exclusive

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