April Showers Bring Instant Prizes At PCHSearch&Win!


Now that it’s April, we should be expecting some ‘April Showers’ for the next few weeks or so.  The rain can make everything seem a little more gloomy than usual, besides, who doesn’t prefer a sunny day over a rainy one?

But then again, think about what the rain brings us.  All of the beautiful greenery, flowers, and nature that spring has to offer.  You wouldn’t have those beautiful days with the sun illuminating all the colors and wonderful scenes of spring without the rain to help everything to grow.  So don’t let the rain get you down, let it remind you of all the life and beauty it brings to your world.

If you want to be even more optimistic, think of April as showering you with the instant prizes of Prizefest!  If you love PCHSearch&Win, and are willing to adopt this new optimistic attitude toward the rain, let the rain remind you of all the great cash and instant prizes that PCH showers on their searchers.  You never know if the next big prize could land on you!

Take a look at the instant prizes we will be showering our searchers with this week:

Monday, April 15th: Ten lucky searchers will be awarded with Amazon Kindle Fires!

Tuesday, April 16th: You don’t want to miss this day! We’ll be giving away five $100 Best Buy gift cards, five $100 HSN gift cards, five $100 Sears gift cards, twenty Cash prizes, and a brand new Dell Laptop!

Wednesday, April 17th: One lucky searcher can search right into $1,000 CASH!

Thursday, April 18th: $25 JCPenny gift cards will be showered on ten lucky searchers!

Friday, April 19th: If you really need a new computer, this will be your second chance this week to win a Dell Laptop!

Saturday, April 20th: Winning one of our twenty-five Barnes & Noble gift cards can give you something to read on those rainy days.

Sunday, April 21st: Don’t miss out on one of our five $100 HSN gift cards!

There you have it — all of the new and exciting cash and instant prizes that will be raining down on our Searchers throughout the week.  So search away and see if you catch a drop!

Good Luck Everyone!

Nick P.
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    I’m claim to enter to win

  2. Vikramjit singh says:

    Hello pch staff I’m claim to enter to win April shower bring instant prize I hope I win this prize

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    April Showers Bring Instant Prizes

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    no comment at this time.

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