5 thoughts on “Prizefest”

  1. carla m Antee says:

    Win Big

  2. as the stars float through the air at twilight mist appears to wish upon a star pch is not that far to knock on a door to say hear youm are with flowers boolons and a card
    thats says big check arrives from that wish upond a star as the rainbow appears accross the day of the sky beautiful colors appear in to your eyes as each side of the rainbow toughes from side to side they always side there was a pot of gold hard to get and hard to hold but when we put them both together no matter what kind of weahter to me they always go as one because a wish is wish rather in the moon or sun is it because pch is on the run to make that wish your number one they drive from here to there to get their job done because they care to put that smile upond a face tears of joy all over a face but not only that in pch case theres smiles all the place thanks to pch to make a wish come true thats what they like and thats what they do so thank you publish clearing house for what you bring its a life changing big grate thing .
    truly mr gregory williams

  3. Tammy Estell says:

    I Like This Post And I’ll Share It.

  4. marilyn thomas says:

    This are so up side down. I no way people go crazy. I’ m not going to cry no more .like mary j. Say . Its dose no good

  5. Jorge Ramirez says:

    Let’s Goooo!

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