Scammers Target Publishers Clearing House (PCH) Employees on Facebook

Watch out, Searchers! PCH Scammers are targeting Publishers Clearing House (PCH) Employees and the Management Team on Facebook in an attempt to scam friends like you. Read on to discover 3 Easy Ways To Identify A Facebook Scam and protect yourself now.

PCH Employees Scam Tip

Hi Searchers! Are you on Facebook? We are! In addition to the PCHSearch&Win and PCH Fan Pages, many prominent PCH employees like Deborah Holland, Todd Sloane, Dave Sayer and Danielle Lam have Fan Pages on Facebook where they get the chance to interact with friends like you every day!

Unfortunately, some scammers have been targeting Publishers Clearing House (PCH) Employees and the PCH Management Team on Facebook, fraudulently using their identities to send friend requests with the intent of scamming innocent people or wrongfully obtaining their personal information.

While their names and faces of some PCH Employees might appear familiar, if you receive a friend request, chat request or private message from someone claiming to be from the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol or PCH Management Team (a complete list of the PCH Management Team can be found here) they are NOT who they claim to be! They are PCH Scammers on Facebook!

Can You Tell The Difference Between The Real PCH On Facebook And The Imposters? Here are 3 WAYS TO KNOW FOR SURE:

#1.  No one affiliated with the real PCH will contact you on Facebook with a friend request, chat request or private message. It just won’t happen!

#2.  Here’s a handy reference to the Publishers Clearing House Official Fan Pages Look closely at these pages. You will notice that they are Fan Pages for businesses and public figures. It’s impossible to send friend requests from this type of page.

#3.  No one affiliated with the real Publishers Clearing House would ever ask you to pay any money to collect a prize. Our Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes (and all legitimate sweepstakes) are free to enter and win — that’s the law.

What Do You Do If You Think You’re Being Contacted By A PCH Scammer?

DO NOT add this person as a friend. Click “Not Now” on the request. Facebook will then ask you if you know this person outside of Facebook. Click “No” and the person will be blocked and unable to send you any additional friend requests.

If you have already accepted a friend request from a PCH Scammer, please cut and paste their information from the browser and send it to the administrator of one of our legitimate pages so we can report them to Facebook. Then, block them right away.

At Publishers Clearing House, we’re leading the fight against PCH scams. Please remember this important information to keep yourself safe!

All the best!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

32 thoughts on “Scammers Target Publishers Clearing House (PCH) Employees on Facebook”

  1. Arnie Torrete says:

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  2. Walda Little says:

    I just got mail from Processing office/distribution center in Kansas City, KS .
    Premium offer Fee due for delivery $12.99.Also from a Larry Hourd.
    I have never received anything from PCH that does not have a name or logo! What should I do, report fraud to the P.O.?

    1. Mary Lethco says:

      Yes it’s a scam. PCH sells our information to scammers. I got the same one today

  3. says:

    with fraudulent scam

  4. andre Morin says:

    It upsets me that suddenly, after participating in your contest, that my wife has suddenly received notification that she has won over a million dollars from Larry Hourd. I demand that you immediately find out how and when this scam organization got her name, obviously from PCH. I do expect a reply. Thanks..

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi Andre, I’m sorry to hear the scammers have contacted you (or someone you know). Here are some facts: You never have to pay to claim a PCH prize. PCH does not contact winners of a major prize via phone, text, email, mail, or on Facebook. You can report all scammers to us by completing a scam incident report. Click this link to find out how: We provide numerous videos, blogs, and tips to recognize these scammers: We can assure you that PCH would never share any information with fraudulent scam operations. PCH has comprehensive programs in place that insures that the sharing of any information is provided only to reputable organizations who must provide us with detailed background information as to their company and any intended use of information. Sharing of information is governed by our Privacy Policy and is conducted in compliance with industry best practices. For PCH’s privacy policy, please click here: We are pleased to note that for the fifth year in a row, PCH has been recognized by the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) for best practices in brand, privacy, security, and consumer protection, additional information can be found here:

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