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May Day at PCHSearch

Hey Searchers!

Do you know what today is?  Yes, the first day of May.  Do you know what that means?

Time to celebrate May Day!

May Day has been a day to celebrate all of the natural beauty that spring brings us.  You can use PCHSearch to research the very interesting roots of May Day! Being a prominent holiday in many European countries, typical celebrations and festivities have roots in foreign countries such as Britain, Ireland, and a few other Northern European countries.  May Day has been looked at as a time to celebrate the fertility of the Earth.  Greeneries, flowers, trees, and all of the beautiful scenes of spring are put in perspective as everyone appreciates and observes this beauty of the day.

Traditionally in England, the display of a Maypole in each village was a common way for people to celebrate the holiday.  Once the Maypole was set up, everyone would sing and dance around the pole joyfully and enjoy the day and the community.

May Day Trees

Today you can celebrate May Day with the PCH community! You can head over to PCHSearch&Win and search about the cool and exciting May Day traditions, as well as any festivities that may be going on near you!  You’ll find all the info you need! And don’t forget that with your first search of the day, you’ll automatically be entered to win our amazing SuperPrize! Plus, searching could even win you instant cash and prizes!

At Publishers Clearing House we love our fans, and we want to share in the joy of May Day and our sweepstakes with everyone! So enjoy your May Day with PCHSearch and get the info you need, plus be entered to win the prizes you want!

Happy May Day Everybody!

Nick P.

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