Breaking News At PCHFrontPage with Danielle

56 thoughts on “Breaking News At PCHFrontPage with Danielle”

  1. I am the winner thank you pch

  2. caroline himes says:

    Dear Danielle Lam, So good to see you in my email box ,The reason for why I want to win Danielle, besides waking and crying every day over pain and what I see every day is just a mess, when I think about my life as a teacher, I gave100 percent every single day to my school, my school could tell you that now!!!! About me I have a 4.0 in my Masters degree in Education, I was going for more till I got sick, and funny thing I didn’t smoke,or drink or do drugs, so why me with this ill never know but I’m glad to be alive still, and I’m hoping still ,do I have a chance to win the 7000 a week for life still ,please!! Caroline Himes Springhill Florida.Please let me know . I sure need the money please , thank you so much!!! Caroline Himes Springhill Florida .

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