Summertime Is Coming Relax With PCHSearch&win!

10 thoughts on “Summertime Is Coming Relax With PCHSearch&win!”

  1. valorie parker says:


  2. thersia woods says:

    Im praying god ever day
    watch over me god.

  3. Lorraine Cordini says:

    This process of the many “HOOPS” to jump through are quite tiring and take nearly a full day!!

  4. Lorraine Cordini says:

    I noted I was advised I won a Ford car, but we still haven’t heard how to pick it up etc.
    Now waiting for the 1,ooo,ooo and $5,000 joyful gift of JOY. This waiting is “nerve-wrecking) :)Mom Bear:} Poppa Bear 🙂 SMILES 🙂

    A note: We had 3 foster children, 1 adoptd and one birthed child and they never knew what to call us…so they voted on MOM and POPPA Bear and it stuck now down to our grandchild!.

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi Lorraine, how were you notified of your winnings?

      – Jussie W. at PCH

    2. Lorraine Cordini says:

      By PCH Search and Win. But I might have misunderstood. Figured it wouldn’t be authentic!
      It would have been nice, of course, but there would have been a follow-up from a local Ford Company with your authorization and a more professional announcement etc. I would think 🙂

  5. Lorraine Cordini says:

    I have been using a lot of what little energy I have going through the PCH “search and Win” categories. I am disabled, in a wheelchair and dream of going to visit our grandson in Missouri and other relative in other states and the only way is if we had a mobile home designed for a large person, myself and breathing equipment etc. ) smile.
    How great to sign find that this would be the last sign-up chance to win a travel van to meet my needs, those of our two cats and dog (or guess we could find a pet sitter!:) and at last my husband and I could could do what we always wanted to do….travel comfortably–see family and friends and I would write my books and poetry, my husband illustrates them and we could spend the rest of my years sharing my gifts through my artwork and see family and friends. Please help make our dreams come true. We live on social security and soon that may be gone…I was what the military calls “Collatoral Damage” in the 1970s and my body has suffered without recognition or compensation. Thanks for listening…I ask for so little in comparison for what you offer…:) Joy and blessings.

  6. dwayne dixon says:

    Can i have my new car today now i won it $38,000,000.00 i am wayten for it now!



    Awesome prizes for such an important Holiday! 🙂

    So very sweet!

  8. Hello, how many more steps to be eligible?

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