Summertime Is Coming and the Searchin’ Is Easy at PCHSearch!

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Summertime Is Coming Relax With PCHSearch&win!

Have you noticed that those bright and beautiful colors of springtime are just beginning to fade, and that the temperature is starting to rise? It can only mean one thing. Summertime is coming!

It’s something we look forward to all year.  School breaks … vacation … trips to the beach … barbecues … amusement parks, and more.  And to make the most of those “crazy, hazy, lazy days” of summer, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and prepare for it.

Then you can truly relax and enjoy it!

PCHSearch&Win carnival fun

PCHSearch&Win comes to the rescue!

Looking for the tools you need to finally get that yard work done ? What are you waiting for? Get the help you need by checking out the latest deals online for lawnmowers, gardening supplies and more.

Shopping for the latest summer fashions? Why not shop for the best prices online before you step one foot inside the store?  And PCHSearch even helps you to find the most reputable online sellers on the results page. Highly-rated merchants will be noted with stars and online reviews. It couldn’t be easier!

Looking for some fun events for you and the family ? Check out the local events on the web, and if it’s raining you can check out the movie listings for the latest shows.

Planning a vacation? There’s no better place to search for the best deals on airfare, hotels and resorts. Find the best beaches, lakes, campgrounds, wherever you like to be the most. And when you’ve enjoyed the great outdoors, maybe gotten too much sun, you can always search for the best remedies for sunburn!

You can really rack up those bonus entry opportunities the more you search on PCHSearch&Win! So get crackin’ and start searchin’ for all your summer needs. You’ll get combined results from the leading search engines Google and Yahoo, so you’ll find what you need faster and easier.

Swim Away with PCHSearch&Win

Enjoy a safe, happy and healthy summer. And be sure to make PCHSearch a part of it. Get chances to win instant prizes like cash , gift cards, LCD TVs and more! Just search like you normally do and put the prize power of Publishers Clearing House to work for you!

And don’t forget to stop and chat with the friendly community here on the PCHSearch&Win blog. Why not let us know how you’d like to spend your summer if you were our next Big Prize Winner? We’d love to hear from you!

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