Take Care of the Environment

4 thoughts on “Take Care of the Environment”

  1. valeria Anne Sanchez says:

    Question what is Earth,

    Earth is what we make out to be .
    But, if whom dont respect earth, then where do you begin.
    The Earth is where we all live. If you want to make special gift. Then all is faith whom born today and give back life. I better that Earth.
    If you want to be respected as earthly.person to what gift of life has to offer.
    Then.i see that one loves what life is today.
    I prayed that one day who desired to see a better life today .
    My dream and wishes is to see that the birds that shared the colors.of life.again.
    Its beauty of life to see true of life.
    I prayed that a change to the nation a little by little just to see a miracle of new beginning of all the poison that hurt others to help others to see the Earth is good place to live. If one see that you can tried to see natural as you see With the Love of God work.
    I still hope one day the greenhouse and to see butterfly to come again , yes beauty life is where health of life comes.back

  2. valeria Sanchez says:

    I Valeria, have always put her children first.
    the fact The environment is what is so. important .
    Remember that this world will never be replace. The only thing is to make things better.
    I prayed that chemical that effected the world someday stop hurting the world.
    I am mother of honor who puts her children first.
    I know that I one my children will asked,mom? Did you make different? I will say, children I hope so,your children will have better then me. I do everything my children,
    If wants for children I know that would never happened, because I love my children more in this world. One my children will remember that there fought a better environment.

  3. Valeria Sanchez says:

    I Valeria Sanchez has always have faith to service to. What the Holy Spirit has always remind me of why we are here on this earth. When you have only one life first.Then asked yourself this question what would you do for life of a child if you better the life for there life to better tomorrow. The main important of all things is what is right now today, do feel safe or is there things that could be better life for the future. I look outside today see that hunger always been today. Then I see as a poor person who see what life like when we are never giving the love that belong to us as EQUAL. I see that all health of all people life come first. No hunger in this world should have ever happened. I would always encourage the idea of others to see the fact if we help one another to see that things can change. I see that if I believe all things that anything can happened. I still want a greenhouse open to people 24/7 for the people never have to be hunger ever again.that is my dreams and wants

  4. joann salisbury says:

    there is not a southern contantanet or europe

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